My Blog Won the Amara Interior Blog Award for THE BEST CRAFT BLOG!!

I wanted to write this post soon after the big event as I really wanted to share with you the emotions and the feelings I had on the night.  I WON AMARA BLOG AWARD FOR THE BEST CRAFT BLOG! How amazing is that?? So here is what happened…

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WINNERS from left to right: designsixtynineThe Pink House; MEEEE; Grillo DesignsDainty Dress DiariesTopologyAlice in ScandilandEmma Jane Palin; Sam Hood on behalf of Design ChicGirl About Town HouseRockett St George91 MagazineNor-Folk 


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What can I say, Amara knows how to throw a party!! It was everything I thought it would be and so much MORE.. The venue was amazing, food outstanding, cocktails kept flowing and the company was out of this world! I felt like Cinderella who finally got to go to the ball (yeah  yeah I know I sound so cheesy.. but it’s exactly how I felt.. #sorrynotsorry...)

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When I got nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Award I was extremely excited, when I heard I was shortlisted I actually could not believe it.. And once my name was pronounced as the winner, I nearly fell off the chair as I truly didn’t expect to win.  My heart was pounding so hard I thought everyone could see how nervous I was. My legs were like jelly as I walked down the stairs and my only thought was – please don’t fall!!!

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It was all a blur to be honest, when I think about it and I actually couldn’t remember what the hosts said about the winning blog or that my name was pronounced the ‘English‘ way.. I watched the video back over and over to for it to actually sink in and it still does not seem quite real..

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Daniel Hopwood, me, the Co-founder of  Cutture – Helen Sharland ( Sponsor of my category) and Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson – Image from Amara

The winning blog ticked all the boxes for the criteria in this category. It is commended for having great photography, with clear steps, it also had a wide range of original craft posts, which we felt were different from the predictable. -Sophie Robinson-


Once the ceremony had finished, I think everyone felt so much more relaxed and could now really enjoy the night networking, meeting people and simply having a great time! I got so excited to finally meet Max McMurdo, who I truly admire for everything he has achieved.  Not only he is super talented but also absolutely lovely too! Shame I didn’t have my upcycling book with me for him to sign..

Meeting Sophie Robinson was a dream, she is not only amazingly talented and beautiful, she was so kind and sweet too.  

Medina from Grillo Designs, Sophie Robinson and me

I also got the opportunity to chat to the amazing Oliver Thomas, who I absolutely loved on the The Great Interior Design Challenge (and I really rooted for him to win).

Having a chat to Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy Blog (who was also one of the judges) was brilliant.  I absolutely love her blog,  so I was very excited to finally meet her!

Event like this is not only about being nominated or receiving an award, it is a great opportunity to actually meet and speak to so many like-minded people. People who do what you do and they GET you! I was so happy to finally meet my blogging buddies and I actually wish I had the time to speak to everyone in the room. I look back at the photos and think I missed out on speaking to so many people, but hey maybe next time!

My blogging friend Medina from Grillo Designs who picked up the Best DIY Blog Award

My blogging friends  Jessica from Jessica Loves (shortlisted in the Best Craft Blog category) and Catherine from Dainty Dress Diaries winner of the Best Lifestyle Award.

The beautiful sisters Julie and Jodie from The Design Twins  who came ALL the way from America!!

Emma Jane Palin, who won not one but TWO awards on the night!!

The blogging community is really something special. The whole night I met and chatted to wonderful people who had nothing but lovely things to say about everyone.  There was no competition or jealousy, only smiles and genuine support! I could not have been more happier even if I tried… As I left the awards ceremony I knew I had made friends for life!!!

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Celebrations after the awards night…


A few gin cocktails later… Catherine from Dainty Dress Diaries, my ‘little’ sister Cynthia (who had to go to work in the morning!), me and Jessica from Jessica Loves.

Thank you Amara for an amazing night!!!

To see the highlights (and a little interview) visit this link and to see all the winners of the night, click here.


23 thoughts on “My Blog Won the Amara Interior Blog Award for THE BEST CRAFT BLOG!!

  1. Congratulations on your win, well deserved. I actually watched it live on youtube as I was on the computer at the time. So pleased to see Medina win too!

  2. Mega congrats, shame we didn’t see you on the night!! Hope you are as thrilled as we are and enjoying everything that comes with winning – cheers to us!

  3. Hi Evija, dropping by to say congratulations, enjoy the moments and keep on crafting! Love your posts and although I am not very crafty myself but very much enjoy seeing original crafty posts like yours!

  4. That’s a big achievement, Evija! Congratulations and keep up the great work. Wish you a lot more success in 2018.

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