My FIRST post

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog..

This is my first ever post – YAY!  I am new to this so hang in there, there will be many more posts to come very soon filled with various projects, upcyclingcrafting and my creations!

I have always been a very artistic person, but as I got older somehow life got in the way. I was spending less and less time doing things I enjoyed and only a few years ago I found my way back to art through upcycling, crafting and creating.. I realised if you love doing something, you will find a way of doing it!! So I did…

Soon the house was getting filled with PVA glue, paint pots, screwdrivers, wallpapers samples, jars, fabrics, glue guns and drills… My husband promised to build me a shed where I could have some time off, relax and enjoy my crafting… Once the dining room looked more like a craft store than the place where to enjoy a family dinner.. the project – “Evija’s Shed” commenced and after a few months, I had my own little workshop!! I love my little shed so I have made a special feature for my special place on this blog.. You can read a detailed post here how my husband, father-in-law and I got on!

I hope you enjoy my posts!

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