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Transform an old candle jar

I am known to collect jars, glass containers and little pots so have to come up with new ideas on what to do with them as I just cannot for the life of me throw things out.. A friend of mine kindly gave me a box full of old candle jars and I was super excited about that, as I had many ideas on what to do with them…

I have made little candle holders before using glitter, which you can see here, so with this project I wanted to make something different and bit more practical..

I am always struggling with keeping the cotton buds (or Q tips as some of you may call them) nice and neat on my dressing table without having an ugly plastic box there, so I decided to beautify this little glass candle jar and make it into a lovely cotton bud holder!

Here is what I did…

My dressing table is lovely and white and has beautiful glass knobs, which reflect lovely light, so it was my inspiration for this project.

I first cleaned the glass container and dried it.

Once they were dry I painted the lid in Annie Sloan old white chalk paint.

Sand in between the coats to get a nice and smooth finish.

Once the coats have dried, wax the lid with Annie Sloan clear wax.

The lid is then ready for the knob to be attached.

Simply glue the door knob using E6000 glue (or any other superglue) in the centre of the lid and let it dry.

Them just put your cotton buds in the glass container and put the lid on! Now just throw the ugly packaging away, this way you never need to use it again! it will also keep your cotton buds nice and dust free!!

 So simple, but don’t you agree how lovely this turned out to look??