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Hi my lovelies.. I have decided to expand the blog a little and share with you some of my design and home inspirations in the form of my favourite picks, mood boards and so on.

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I am so inspired by so many people out there who share their beautiful homes that I would like to create something beautiful too, even if it is simply ‘dream home’ style blog post.

We are currently saving for our dream home and I am so impatient that I am already looking at furniture, colour schemes and accessories for our non-existant home.. 🙂 I know pretty eager right?! But this kind of inspired me to share my  ideas with you and hopefully you get inspired too.

Some of the posts will be simply – dream home style posts, some I will try to attempt and recreate something for a fraction of the price, there are also some really exciting times ahead such as me collaborating with various brands, doing reviews and feature my picks! So watch this space!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Home Design – new addition to the blog

    1. Thank you Indah, as we are still saving for the house I am so super eager I cannot wait & look for inspiration and ideas!! Once we have the house this blog will be filled with everything about it, inside/out.. every detail!! Lol

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