DIY gift idea – a special sign for a special couple

When I learnt our friends got engaged I really wanted to make a lovely gift for them to celebrate their special occasion.  As you know I love making signs and this occasion was no exception.

I always like to do a bit of research and make it extra special for the person I am making the gift to.  I don’t just randomly pick something and make it, most of the work is normally put in when I do the research and play around with the ideas.   I may start with a very ambitious idea and it sometimes works.. but sometimes it doesn’t…. 🙂

As the bride comes from Thailand, I really wanted to incorporate something traditional. I spent ages researching Thai culture and their traditions.. I found this beautiful Ratchaphruek tree (the national flower of Thailand) and thought it would look perfect on my sign!

image source

Well… it didn’t quite work out… I spent most of the day painting  the text and flowers, mixing the colours, trying to add depth and shadows, various shades of yellow and green… The problem was even though the flowers looked very pretty, they didn’t really look like the Ratchaphruek tree.. and that was the whole point!!  As always I was seeking perfection and as I was not entirely happy with it, I washed it all off and repainted it white… and started again..

image source:

PLAN B –  make something beautiful, traditional with a little personal detail.  I remembered that the infinity symbol was very special to the bride so instead I went with a simple lace design, some sparkle and the infinity symbol…

I have given the sign to the happy couple and I am pleased to say they both loved it!!!

Here is what I did..

The sign was made from mdf board, which was painted using some chalk paint.. I then hand painted the lettering on the sign.  To make sure I have a beautiful font, I trace the text using some carbon paper and then go over with a very fine brush and acrylic paint.



Then simply attached the lace, ribbon, pearls and crystals.

To seal the sign I used some clear varnish in satin.







From Evija with Love SIGNATURE NEW

Check out this little video I made when I was painting the sign…. Breathe in and paint away!

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8 thoughts on “DIY gift idea – a special sign for a special couple

  1. Love it Evija! The lace and crystals give it a lovely romantic look… I envy your steady pulse! What kind of paint did you use?


  2. That is beautiful. I haven’t ever really been ‘into’ paints but I am considering them more and more in my #MakingHome journey. Thanks for linking up your beautiful project!

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