On the 6th Day of Christmas – SNOWMAN

Hello and welcome to day six of the 12 Days of Christmas challenge.  I hope you are enjoying my projects and hopefully will like what I will be showing to you today – how to create a lovely snowman sign for your garden.

As you know I love making wooden signs at every opportunity and this is no exception.. The good news is, this sign is pretty easy to make if you have some leftover pallets just lying around.. As all you would need is some scrap wood and paint! So here is what I did..

snowman sign

I used some leftover pallet wood and ply for this project.  I measured the palettes and simply lined them on the ply.


I screwed on the pallets on to ply and marked the shape of the snowman’s face which then was cut off.  I screwed the two pieces of wood to make the snowman’s hat on top.


I then simply painted the wood using white and charcoal paint to make the face and the hat and then marked his eyes, which were also painted in charcoal. I screwed on the triangle I cut out for the snowman’s nose which I painted orange.


To make sure  your sign can withstand the weather conditions I put several layers of clear varnish over.  I added a wooden stake so that Ozzie could be put in the garden.

And here he is  – meet OSWALD the Snowman (or Ozzie for short)!

On the…. 6th Day of Christmas Evija made….. OSWALD THE SNOWMAN!!!!!






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