On the 8th Day of Christmas – SOAP

Hi my lovelies and welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas – day 8 of my DIY Challenge! Today I am sharing with you my  8th project of the series, which is beautiful Christmas soap!

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These soaps are easy to make and they look absolutely beautiful.  These make such a beautiful and inexpensive gift to your family, friends and colleagues.

For this project all you will need is some bars of soap, lovely Christmas napkins, cling film and some mod podge.


For this project I used some imperial leather soaps in ivory and white but you can use any type of soap.  I found the white soap worked nicer with the napkins though, but it is personal preference.

To ensure the soap has a flat surface I used a very technical and purpose-built tool – potato peeler! 🙂 I am sure there are other things available specifically for this, but I had to improvise and used a peeler and some dental floss to ensure the surface was nice and smooth!

Then choose your image and separate the layers, use only the top layer of the napkin for the project.  I used some water and brush to “cut” the napkin.  You can use scissors, however I find it blends in more easily if you rip the napkin rather than cut it off.

picture on how to

Put a layer of mod podge, where you would like the image to be and put it on.  Then take some cling film and place it over the top and smooth out the wrinkles, remove the cling film and make sure the edges are nice and neat.  To seal, simply put 3-5 coats of mod podge on top.

And here are my beautiful Christmas soaps!

On the 8th day of Christmas.. Evija made… CHRISTMAS SOAPS!!!










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2 thoughts on “On the 8th Day of Christmas – SOAP

  1. After a while I didn’t even know what I was looking at….they are like works of art! So creative. These remind me of my mother, kind of old school, traditional, sitting all nice and pretty in the soap dish to be looked at but not used. That’s okay because there was always some to use beside the good soaps. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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