On the 10th Day of Christmas – BUNTING

Hello everyone and welcome to day  ten of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.  Cannot believe I have done nine different challenges already, I hope you are enjoying them as much I enjoyed making them!!


Today I am sharing with you a tutorial on some Christmas bunting using some burlap fabric.  This is so easy to do and you can create different types of bunting with various texts on.  I am going for the word BELIEVE.

I cut out the shape of the bunting using a template and very sharp rotary knife.  You have to work really quickly with the fabric because it frays so much.  There are several ways of stopping this from happening.. I decided to turn to my trusted friend – Mod Podge!  All you do is cover the outside of the fabric with mod podge, you can also cover the whole flag if you wish!  Leave this to dry.


Once the fabric has dried, add the lettering. I got these fabulous letter stencils and used them to spell out the word I wanted, I used some chalk paint for this.


 When the paint dried I  sealed the paint by ironing the top (I put some baking paper on top) and then attached each flag to this string  with mini pegs.

On the…. Day of Christmas Evija made….. BURLAP BUNTING!!!!








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