Hi everyone!! As you know I was doing the 12 days of Christmas Challenge for 12 days.. Sadly the last post went online a couple of days ago and it  feels a little sad that it is over.  So I decided to do a little roundup of all 12 Christmas Craft Projects I did in the 12 Days of Christmas challenge together with links so you can easily access them all in one place!

12 Craft ideas

Day 1 – Glitter Glasses

Sparkles sparkles everywhere!!! This was one of my favourite craft projects as it is all to do with glitter and I love glitter and I love champagne so what is there not to love?

DSC_0134 text

Day 2 – Countdown Sign

Of course we need a countdown to Christmas!! I was so excited I made not one but TWO different signs!!

xmas sign

Day 3 – Ornament

So this was by FAR the most popular posts on the blog.  I posted this on Hometalk and it was the most viewed item on the whole site  last week – which raked in 120,000 views and the number is still going up!!!  Can you believe it?? I am still over the moon about this!! Who knew that the winning combination was rice, spray paint and glitter?



[photo from hometalk.com home page]

Day 4 – Christmas Wreath

Another one of my favourites – and something new I learnt thanks to my friends – “how to make a suffolk puff (or yoyo in America)”.  Definitely nice and sparkly for the festive season.


Day 5 – Santa Jar

Another day another glitter craft project! How cute is this little Santa Jar I made?

DSC_1192 text

Day 6 – Ozzie the Snowman

Loved making Ozzie and so happy you loved him too!! He also got a feature on the Your House and Garden Website

snowman sign

Day 7 – Angel Wings

These have a very special place in my heart.. I believe in angels and love anything to do with white feathers and angels.. These angel wings turned out lovely don’t you think !

DSC_1290 text

Day 8 – Christmas Soap

This was a very fun project and I really loved doing it.. People at Wayfair also loved it so it was featured on their Friday Breakfast roundup!!

DSC_1235 text

Day 9 – Vintage Sign

Signs.. well you do know I love signs.. and this beautiful image just had to be turned into a lovely vintage sign for Christmas!!

DSC_0029 text

Day 10 – Christmas Bunting

You must have bunting especially at Christmas!! This was such a fun and easy bunting to make!


Day 11 – Seashell Candles

Cute little project using some seashells.  Do be careful if you light them near anything flammable though! shell candle

This picture was taken as part of the blog post for illustration purposes only, please be careful when using candles.

Day 12 – Advent Calendar

Eventually the last post had to come… I really wanted it to be special so made this lovely advent calendar for my husband!!! I hope he enjoys the little presents I have put in each day… Last day is not a present at all – remember Christmas is about love, family and peace and not presents, so I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

advent calendar


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  1. I love the jars and wine glasses! They look so festive! I like the Santa buckle on the mason jar too. Very cute! I’m stopping by from Karren’s Wordless Wednesday. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Evija, you are so creative and talented with your ideas, I love the wine glasses, they are great to add to a Christmas dinner or toasting. Oh and the seashells, love those weet little things.

    Thank you for Co-Hosting with me, it has been such a please to share your blog with our WW each week, I have enjoyed getting to know you.

    I hope that you are enjoying the holidays, Merry Christmas!

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