New take on a Traditional Christmas Wreath

Hi everyone.  I hope you have been inspired by my Christmas inspired posts I did in my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.  I wanted to share with you another Christmassy project – a non traditional Christmas Wreath.  It is so easy to make and most importantly it can be made out of items you already have at home  and it will not cost you too much but will look lovely and brighten up your existing Christmas decor!

Christmas Wreath

I used an old photo frame for this project..


I painted in in a lovely bright red colour, once the paint is dry you are free to decorate as you please! Add greenery or tinsel, ribbons, baubbles – ANYTHING you want really..

I went with some old Christmas ornaments I had and attached them to the frame using my hot glue gun.


I then added some branches from an old Christmas tree,  attached some ribbon and it was done.  So easy to make and I absolutely love it!!!  All you then need to do is attach a hook and some ribbon so you can display it on the wall or decorate your door.


This is something a little different and not very traditional, but it looks so lovely and I have been receiving some lovely feedback from people who are loving it!!

What do you think?







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