Readers Choice – Top 14 Most Popular Posts in 2015

Hi everyone.. as the New Year is approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the year 2015 and the Top 14 posts on the blog.  This year has been amazing and full of so  many wonderful things.. Just to think I started this blog in February this year… Who knew blogging was so hard yet so enjoyable! Here is to more amazing projects in 2016!

I wanted to make this little post and show the most popular posts of 2015!!! Which one was your favourite?

14 popular posts

14. DIY Lace Painted Furniture 

Do you remember this transformation?? It was my first ever go at lace painting and it turned out AMAZING!! It was even featured on My Prodigal Pieces and Reloved Magazine!!!


13. New Take on a Traditional Wreath

I only posted this in December but it turned out to be a very popular post.. Perhaps as it is a little different from all the other wreaths …

Christmas Wreath

12. Vintage Rose Set 

I absolutely loved this project.. It was upcycled from an old sauce and candle jar and given a new life.  The Reloved Magazine featured it in their August edition.


11. French Inspired Box Makeover

This project was so much to do.. Yes a lot of work to save the old wood, but so worth it in the end.  There is beauty in everything around us, you just have to look closely…

before and after

10. Traditional Christmas Wreath

Another Christmas post made the Top 14! I am so pleased as it shows my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge was a success… I may just repeat it for next year..


9. Giving an Old Basket a New Look

This project was so simple to do and I loved how it turned out. No wonder people loved it too.  This is an easy way to update the old and dated baskets to create something you will be proud to display!


8. Red Robin Candle Holder

Another decoupage project makes it to the Top 14.  Loved making this candle holder for my sister.  It was so much fun to play with the snow paste.. It is definitely a must for next year’s winter crafts projects.


7.  Bright and Beautiful Table

I LOVED doing this little table for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest as my July entry where the theme was – Let Your Colours Burst!  It was so much fun and brought me back to my childhood and going to the art school.


6. Scrabble Art

This was a gift I was asked to make for the happy couple and my first scrabble art frame. This one divided the people – ome people said it was tacky, some said it was brilliant, cute and some said it was childish.. But clearly lots of people were curious enough to check the post out as it landed on number 6!!  Personally I loved it and so did the happy couple!


5. Compass Table

This was my hardest, MOST complicated, but most wonderful project of last year.. It took blood, sweat and tears to complete it but once it was done I felt so proud! It didn’t win the competition in September, BUT it came THIRD in the December 2015 Favourites– Fab Furniture Flippin Contest AND was featured in Reloved Magazine January 2016 issue.

DSC_0350 text

4. Wedding Anniversary Present

I am so happy this project made the Top 14.. well even Top 5! This was such a personal thing to make and I am glad my readers loved it as much as Shaun and I did!


3. Christmas Tree Ornament

Ok, so this little project got so much love it does not surprise me it landed at number 3!  Did you know at Hometalk, it raked 124,000 views!!!!!!! This was so simple to make and it looks like a million dollars!


2. Mosaic Tray

Another great upcycling project made from some leftover tiles.. I absolutely love how it turned out, such a gorgeous decorative piece so not surprisingly it is Number 2!


 1.  Golden Glass Containers

Soooooo…. the winner is – MY GOLDEN GLASS CONTAINERS!!!!

This post received 3 times more views than ANY other post on the blog in 2015.  This simple idea was a big hit and I got so many lovely comments.. It is always the simple things in life that make the biggest impact!


Thank you so much for being part of my world in 2015 and I hope you will enjoy all the amazing projects I have in store for the 2016!!!!!!


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