Saturday Afternoon Spent at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

Hi everyone.. Today I am sharing with you a post about a painting workshop I did over the weekend!  Back in October I entered a competition at a local Antiques & Vintage Shop – Florence & Rose for a chance to win a place at a workshop for Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.

I love Annie Sloan’s paint so entered without actually thinking any more of it.. I was then contacted by the lovely Jayne to say I have won!!


Due to a busy holiday season and then a family matter in January, I got a space at her class on Saturday 20th February! I was very much looking forward to it!


I arrived first.. Of course I did, as you know I am super eager and when it comes to painting furniture.. why wait?!??


I had a lovely chat with Jayne about her shop and how she started it. I absolutely adore her shop and the workshop area is actually to die for – so lovely and bright.  I couldn’t wait to start!



The other two ladies arrived soon and we started by trying out painting a piece of wood in the colour of our choice.


Jayne explained to us the best ways of using the chalk paint and we learnt how to do a layered technique, how to distress and how to wax.


I was so eager to learn I must have asked a thousand questions.  I hope I was not too much.. I did try and calm myself down not to make too much of a fool out of myself.. but if I describe my feelings at the workshop as those of an excited child in a sweet shop with unlimited amount of sweets to eat..  well you get the drift…

excited dance photo: Carlson Dance carlsondance.gif

It was then time to choose our colours and paint the piece of furniture we had brought to the class.


I had this lovely little table (given to me by my friend Vera, thank you V!) and I really wanted to take a few risks and try something I haven’t tried before.  So I was thinking – be bold and use bright colours!


I loved the shade called Florence but I was struggling to think of a second colour.  Jayne suggested the Barcelona Orange.  Personally, I would never even put these two together, but I decided to give it a go.. remember… be bold and use bright colours!!


I started painting the top of the table in Orange.


Then I painted the legs in Florence and let it dry.

We had a lovely cup of tea (or coffee) and biscuits while we were waiting for the paint to dry, had a chat and really had a lovely time discussing various things.   Then it was time to put the second coat.


I went over the top with the Florence and could not wait to start distressing to reveal the paint underneath.



I used sandpaper to distress the table and LOVED the result.. The orange ended up being in lovely shade and not too bright.  I then waxed the table and it was ready right as the class was ending.


Close up of the chipped/distressed effect.


Thank you Jayne for a lovely class!


I REALLY enjoyed myself at the class.. It doesn’t matter that I have painted furniture before, I learnt many new things and I was very happy to be taught how to use the paint properly! The only disappointment of the day was that Jayne didn’t have the paint I wanted to purchase in stock.. but nevermind I have an excuse to return to the shop and pick up some goodies when the stock is in very soon!!

You can find Florence & Rose here.

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Spent at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop

  1. This looks fun! Loved the little table you painted, I love the colour! I love DIY things and I have some furniture I could paint by myself. Thank you for sharing, great post 🙂 (Loved the Carlton’s dance hahah)

  2. Evija, you are so cute, I love your projects they always are perfect!!
    So happy to have you Co-Host with us this month, it is so fun to get to know you!!! Hope you have a great week!
    Warm Hugs

  3. How fun for you! You are so talented and I can see how passionate you are about your furniture upcycles and crafting:).
    So fun to co-host #OMHGWW with you, Evija.

  4. Now this sounds absolutely amazing I would love to do this. How fun! Love the table too with two colors. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry to be late commenting we have my mother visiting from America. 🙂 Thanks for joining in. #sharewithme

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