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Hello everyone.  Today I am really excited to share this post with you.. Not only because I love to dream about super-duper makeovers, things I would like to do if I had an unlimited budget (well we all can dream right) but also, because this post is my entry in the  Tile Mountain contest for an actual chance to win a fabulous prize!!!

Chance to win something for the house?? YES PLEASE!!!

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We are currently living in a rented accommodation as we are saving for our first home and as you can imagine, when you are renting you have to live with what you are given.. It is not our house and it is not up to us to decide what we can or cannot do.. There is also an issue of spending your own money on someone else’s property.. So, it is no surprise some of the rooms in the house are a little bit outdated.

Take our second bathroom for example. . This bathroom is crying for a makeover and it is serious need of updating, everything from the bathroom appliances to the decor is quite.. outdated let’s say.

Since we started saving for the house, I always kept dreaming on what it would look like, so I created many ‘dream’ boards.. You can see my ‘Bathroom Inspiration’ Pinterest board here.

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The house we live in at the moment is lovely, but it is not OUR house so we cannot wait to move into our new home which we hope will be very soon!  Fingers crossed!!!!

Well back to the post.. I love neutral bathrooms as I think you can always change up the accents using towels, glassware and accessories.  I do love bold colours but I think you can get really bored of them  really quickly and when doing up a bathroom I think you need to have something you are willing to live with for many years to come.  I do love patterns and colour, take this gorgeous tile for example I found on Tile Mountain Pinterest Board. Isn’t it AMAZING??

Image Source – Tile Mountain Pinterest Board

Ok back to reality.. well kind of and MY dream bathroom… I love this gorgeous tile from the Inverno range.  Very elegant indeed and definitely one of my favourites!

image source – tilemountain.co.uk

I also love this stunning marble tile.. It just screams luxury and class!

image source – tilemountain.co.uk

And last but not least is this stunner that I think would work perfectly with the marble tile above don’t you think?

image source – tilemountain.co.uk

I think these are classic tiles that will never go out of date and if I wanted to change up the decor, I would simply accessorize using different colour scheme.. Any colour would work great with this shade!

Now I have my tiles, I need to accessorize the dream bathroom. I absolutely love this luxurious soap dispenser set from Neiman Marcus.


These beautiful crisp white towels from John Lewis would fit my neutral yet luxurious bathroom.


Luxurious bathroom deserves luxurious soap.. This is simply amazing! Who knew you could have your own personalised soaps!


What bathroom would be finished without beautiful scents & candles.. candles candles and more candles.. Love this Relax Candle from Katie Loxton’s range.

Buy Katie Loxton 'Relax' Soft Cotton and Jasmine Scented Candle Online at johnlewis.com

I love fresh cut flowers and I try and have flowers in the house whenever I can. I found these on Pinterest and I love them.

image credit – Style at Home

I think I might be getting carried away, but one can dream right??

If you are looking for some inspiration, visit  The Tile Mountain Pinterest boards. So many fabulous ideas and beautiful photos.. I spent ages going through them and fell in love with this board, it has some fabulous ideas and inspiration.

This definitely caught my eye.. not sure it would work at our house though not to mention the temperamental Isle of Man weather, when we can get all four seasons in one day!  But this is the dream post remember, so I imagine Isle of Man is a tropical island and the freezing Irish sea is super warm.. and we have this outdoor bath… swoon….

the perfect place for an outdoor bathroom:
Image source – Tile Mountain Pinterest Board

Winning this contest would be amazing and would help us tremendously to update our bathroom or have a chance to have a brand new bathroom in our brand new home! Fingers crossed!

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