DIY Shabby Chic Chalk Board using Decorative Mouldings

Hi everyone, today I am super-excited to share this post with you not only because I have a great makeover to show you but also because I get to tell you about these gorgeous shabby chic decorative mouldings I used for this project.


I received these mouldings to try them out.


I was given this old mirror by my friend Cheryl (thank you Cheryl!).  As the mirror was old and scratched and the frame was missing attachments, I decided to turn it into beautiful chalk board.  It was the perfect project as it was crying out for something extra!


I was playing around with the mouldings and could not decide which ones to use, I ended up using the ornate centre piece and roman drops on the side. I stuck them on using no more nails.  This would allow me to move the moulding around in case it was not level.  There are several ways on how to stick the mouldings on and Aileen has lots of videos that shows you how it is done.

I wanted to create a layered effect on the mirror frame so I painted the base using charcoal grey chalk paint.


Once dry, I painted the frame using chalk paint in old ochre, depending on what kind of effect you want, put several coats until you are satisfied.  Then simply distress the areas you want showing and wax!



I created the chalk board my cutting out a shape from mdf board and painting it with chalk board paint.   You can see how to create a simple chalk board here.





Decorative-mouldings- chalkboard




*The mouldings used in this project were provided to me free of charge, however, all ideas, opinions and experiences are 100% my own.  I do not get any commission for promoting these mouldings.  Full policy can be read here.

** This post  contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.

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13 thoughts on “DIY Shabby Chic Chalk Board using Decorative Mouldings

  1. Ah these are great! You are in Ireland , me too! I was only in Aileens shop the other day picking up paint for a job. She’s great isn’t she. I havnt tried her moulding yet but they are on my list . #makinghome

    1. Thank you Maura! Almost in Ireland, I live in the ‘sunny’ Isle of Man across the sea! The moulding are fabulous, I got them in the post! I have fallen in love with them and will be using more often now.. definitely makes a massive difference!! x

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