Dream Home – Our Road to Buying a House

You may have seen my first post where I shared our exciting news that we are on the road to saving for our dream home and hopefully purchasing our first proper home together!  If you missed it you can read it here.  This is the second part to our story…

saving for our dream home

My husband and I agreed that we will start looking at the houses once we have enough money in the pot for the house purchase and any repairs we may need to do… and decided NOT to look at anything until August this year.. Me being me of course impatient as hell been not only looking online at some properties, but also making lists and pinning ideas like crazy… I know I know…. I CAN’T HELP IT !

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Of course nothing in my life goes to plan… to cut a long story short…. we found a house, put an offer in and it was accepted… YAY you will scream excitingly with me!!!! WRONG!!!!!


It is true, we found a house, our offer was accepted and mortgage was approved.. the house was perfect for us – great location, big enough for the two of us and Coco, with lovely garden and lots of potential… sadly the bank/surveyor didn’t agree with us…  🙁

After a lot of stressful days even weeks, the bank concluded the house needed too much work and sadly we didn’t have the funds to pursue it so the perfect scenario – 1st house we saw & fell in love with didn’t quite work…

I do think EVERYTHING happens for a reason, so even though I am super annoyed, sad and frustrated… I know something is waiting for us just around the corner, maybe even better than the house we found… Just need to be patient and wait… and wait and wait…

What is meant for you will be yours. It's only a matter of time. #patience #quotes:
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Keep everything crossed we find our dream home soon!!

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