Dream Home – Our Road – Buying House Part 3

Hi everyone.. Here is the next part to our journey on buying our dream home.. You can read  Part 1 &  Part 2  to keep up with our story..


As I said buying our dream home didn’t quite work out first time.. so we are still looking. I think I may have a slight obsession with looking at houses on the estate agents websites.. I look at houses every day hoping there will be something there.. checking and double checking, you know JUST IN CASE….. as I cannot do anything more at the moment… Here is our little Dream House Wish List…

dream- house-wish-list

 What would be on your wish list??

This is just a list of things we would like.. Of course if the house was lovely and spacious and didn’t have one or two things it would not be a deal breaker if it had a potential..

When I say potential, my husband and I don’t want a brand new house which is perfect, we want a house that we can make perfect!! (c) Evija, From Evija with Love

As you know I love to craft, create and make things and what better way to put my passion to work than creating our dream home!   We want a house with character and something special.. I am not a fan of new-builds (unless WE built it ourselves to our liking and not have a row of identical houses next door!).. There is nothing wrong with brand new houses but it is just not for us..  We want a place, where we can put our own stamp on things and create our dream home!

You can see some of my ideas on my Pinterest boards and follow me!

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I am sure OUR house is out there somewhere we just need to find it now….  We have a few more  viewings coming up, so keep your fingers crossed – one of them is our DREAM HOME!!


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3 thoughts on “Dream Home – Our Road – Buying House Part 3

  1. What a lovely list!! I already have my dream home picked out (my Dad’s house) but of course, City Spouse doesn’t want to live so far from town. LOL I may end up going by myself. Good luck on finding the perfect home!

  2. Duly noted! Great list, Evija…I am working on my dream house as well..I bought one 2 years ago back home but we immediately move to NYC and can’t wait to do some renovations :). Thanks for sharing it with #OMHGWW 🙂

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