Our Road – Buying Our Dream Home – Update & Part 4

Our road to buying our dream home continues. Whoever said it was fun to look for a house was very wrong!!  I must admit, I was so excited to start looking for our dream home. However, I now realise this is the most stressful time of our lives. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy viewing houses as much as I first thought! I just want to find it, buy it and move in – stress free.  Hmm I am starting to doubt that will ever happen.


The first house didn’t work out…  as I said I believe everything happens for a reason and now I am super happy that the sale fell through.. let me explain.  We went to Bank A (our bank), got mortgage approved and put an offer for the house in which was accepted.  We never went to other banks to see what they offered… BIG MISTAKE! It turned out that by shopping around we could actually buy a bigger and better house and the repayments would be exactly the same.  Crazy right??  If the sale had gone through we would actually have lost money.  so YES everything does happen for a reason…

TOP TIP – always always ALWAYS see what other banks are offering before committing to anything!   We are actually going with the bank we don’t even have an account with as their deal was much better!


Since my last post we have looked at some properties and we narrowed it down to 2 houses.  We loved them both for different reasons!

House A – modern house, would not need a lot of work doing, with lovely back garden, decking, shed and a SWING! 🙂

House B –  This was a GORGEOUS house, but in serious need of modernisation. the carpets were dated, the bathroom had a pink suite. but it has LOTS of potential! Beautiful views, larger rooms… the list goes on.  when we viewed the house we honestly thought that it was definitely over our budget so we kind of tried to forget  about it…


I decided to check with a different bank to see what we could borrow. It turned out we COULD actually afford both houses if we got the houses for the right price!

Exciting times!!!!! So which house do you think we will be going for??


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