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Hi everyone.  Today I am so excited to share this post with you as I am collaborating with another DIY and crafts blogger.  Meet Zen from Happiness Wherever.  We decided to come up with a theme and each create a craft project within that theme.  Today’s theme is Marble Effect.

You can see what Zen created here.



I have seen to many creative projects using marble effect and could not wait to try it out myself.  I had some old nail polishes left so I decided to see if it worked as easy as it looked on the internet.

Here is the before picture.


I used a simple glass which I was going to turn into a little vase and the other glass container was an old candle holder.

I got a water bowl and chose the nail polishes I wanted to use.  I used a variety of colours, just to get a better effect.


I poured a little nail polish of each colour in the water and used a little stick to merge the colours together so they have a nice marble swirl.


Once I was happy with the swirl, I put the glass in the water and twisted it so that the nail varnish would adhere to the glass.

I must confess, my first attempt was a disaster!!! I quickly cleaned the glass and started again!  I learnt that you have to work quickly and also, the cheaper nail polishes didn’t work as well! Typical!  So take two… make the swirl, put the glass in, turn and let it dry. This time it worked a treat!

So here is my marble effect glass.  A little bit of practice and it actually worked! What do you think?







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9 thoughts on “Blogger Collaboration – DIY Marble Effect

  1. Such an innovative use of nail polish! Now I know what to do with my old ones! 🙂 Thanks for collaborating with me! 🙂

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it and yes it is SOOO easy and the results look amazing! Feel like I want to marble all glassware in the house now! Tag me in your project on insta, would love to see yours too!

  2. That is beautiful! I love it. I have tried marbling with various materials and paints and don’t usually get great results but I am definitely pinning this to try! I have plenty of nail polish….

  3. love this idea and can’t wait to try it. did you put anything over the finished product protect it from chipping and everyday use?

    1. Thank you Helen. I didn’t actually for this project, but they have not chipped.. make sure they are handled and washed with care .. if you are using them often then I would suggest putting a protective coat of clear varnish

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