Super-Easy DIY Coastal Inspired Decor

Hi everyone. If you have been following my blog you know that I love to make things out of nothing and I never throw out an old glass jar. As you never know when they may come in handy!

There are hundreds of ways of re-using old glass jars and I have done many projects in the last year. Take a look at some posts I have done here. Silver Gravel Container, Q tip holder,  Christmas Holder,  Marble Effect and one of my most popular posts on the blog the Golden Containers.


These are just a few ideas on how to update your home using imagination & a little bit of work.  I see so many shops selling decorative items for such huge prices I think to myself – why don’t people make their own for a fraction of price?  To prove my point, here is a SUPER-EASY coastal project that anyone can do!  We have all seen the coastal inspired decor, which is great but why go spend money if you can create it yourself?

image source – House to Home

This is such an easy and quick craft to do and it only takes a few minutes!  You can use any type of glass container you have to re-create this look. And I bet you already have everything you need for this project at home!!

I cleaned some old pickle jars and dried them.  Then simply tied some twine around each jar and fixed them in place with some mod podge (or you can use any other glue) and let it dry. and THAT’S IT!!!!

You can add some sand in the glass containers and be as creative as you wish by adding some shells too! I liked my glass containers nice and simple so I left them as they were and put some candles in.

Quick, easy & cheap project to bring some coastal inspired decor into your home!






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