Hallway Makeover #2 Choosing the Right Colour

I shared with you the first part of the hallway makeover  process where we encountered some wall issues, you can read more about it here . We also closed one of the doors in the hallway  and I will be doing a seperate post on that very soon! Today I am sharing with you part two of the hallway makeover and how we chose the colour!


The walls were skimmed, doorway closed up so now was the time to think about the colours and what would look nice in our hallway.


We really wanted a nice, light and spacious hallway and originally I was obsessed with light green.  I saw this image on Pinterest and fell in love.

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Image source – Pinterest

To see more beautiful hallway inspiration photos, go see my Pinterest board.

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I was adamant I wanted green walls!! I don’t even like green !!!  Anyway, I went and got some samples from the local shop – all custom mixed especially for me!

I painted the samples on three  walls in three different parts of the hallway.  My husband and I walked passed them and tried to decide which one we liked.  The problem was – we could not agree!! They all looked different in different walls and in different lights. Always always paint a small area on the wall to see what the paint would look like in different lights.  The green sample pots looked very different in daylight, in the evening and when we had the lights on.

We decided to go with the safer option and go for these two shades in the end.

We decided to go with Rabbit’s Foot  (top shade) for the feature wall with the window and Victorian Lace  (bottom shade) for the main walls.

Things I plan and things that actually happen are two different things.  I painted the walls using the Victorian Lace and was so happy.  BUT we made a rookie error.  As the walls were freshly skimmed we were supposed to do a miss coat which is a really thin emulsion, which sinks into the dry plaster and stops the paint from drying out and peeling off.

The good news is, the paint is not peeling off the walls at the moment, the bad news is, the paint stuck to the tape and did peel off in some places!!


SOOOO no feature wall using a different shade unless I want to patch things up constantly.  If plan A doesn’t work… there’s plenty more letters in the alphabet, right??  So it was time for Plan B!!!  Plan B was to put a nice wallpaper up and have a lovely feature wall.   You can read my views on wallpaper here.

Everything happens for a reason right??  Here is the wallpaper we chose!

Image Source grahambrown.com

Once the walls are done, we are planning to install the oak wooden floors in the hallway and the carpet on the stairs, then add the skirting boards to bring the whole look together.  You can see the flooring we are planning to use here.

You can catch up with our Hallway Makeover post  here:

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3 thoughts on “Hallway Makeover #2 Choosing the Right Colour

  1. I don’t know what “skimmed” walls means, but I liked your paint colors…not the green so much. You were smart to paint it on the walls first because it does look different in different lights. I love the wallpaper you chose though! It’s exciting to be remodeling a first home, but so many decisions!

    1. Thank you Florence, so many decisions and I am so scared to make the ‘wrong’ one! Even though of course there are no right or wrong in decorating your own home! Skimming means to use a finishing plaster either on new plasterboard or over existing walls or ceilings to create a smooth finish for painting or wall papering. 🙂

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