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I am so excited to be sharing this post with you, as it is a little bit different from all my other posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing posts about crafts, upcycling and furniture but sometimes it is fun to share a little something about myself too.


I have teamed up with Treetopia* to share with you some Christmas Magic !   I hope you will enjoy this post!


Christmas time has always been very special to me.  I am originally from Latvia and we celebrate Christmas on the Christmas Eve on 24th December.. We would also only get a Christmas tree a few days before Christmas, which is somewhat different to the UK.

When I was growing up, my mum and dad always made sure we had a beautiful Christmas. My mum would cook the most amazing meal for us and we would all dress up and have our meal together, open the presents, take pictures at the Christmas tree (in a pretty dodgy outfit!) and spend the evening together.

I am the one in the pink dress, photo from family album with my little sister Sintija probably around 1995.

When we were kids, we would normally get only one present each from the parents, my sisters and the grandparents.  We would also have to ‘earn‘ the gift by citing a poem, sing a song or do a dance.  You didn’t just get a present for nothing! I remember learning different songs and poems to proudly cite them on the Christmas Eve. It made receiving the gift that much more special..

Citing a poem to the Santa at the nursery

My most memorable Christmas was when I was probably around 6 or 7 years old. It was the first time I started to think that Santa did not exist ( I bet it was my eldest sister who put that idea into my head!).   I remember we were getting ready to visit my grandparents a few days before Christmas and all I was thinking about was that we still haven’t had our Christmas tree! Obviously, Santa was not coming this year as he did not exist…

Normally, Santa (aka Dad) brought our Christmas tree and a bag of presents and left them outside. We would get a knock on the door or window and we knew – Santa has arrived! Somehow, that year we didn’t get the knock.. I kept saying that I didn’t believe in Santa. After visiting our grandparents, we came home in the evening.  My eldest sister and I used to pretend we fell asleep at the back of the car so our dad would carry us inside..  As I was ‘asleep‘ in the car, mum went out to open the gate and I could hear my mum and dad talking about something on our balcony.  I ‘woke up’ immediately of course and run out of the car to have a look! It was very dark, but the snow and the stars lit up our garden and the balcony..

Image credit pixabay

And there it was, deep in the snow the most beautiful Christmas tree and a bag full of presents!!!! I thought to myself – OF COURSE SANTA EXISTS !!!! It was not about the presents or the tree, it was about believing in miracles again..  The way our parents made it special to us that night..   I will never forget that feeling and I wish people nowadays would create beautiful memories, special moments rather than concentrate on the materialistic things.

We all love to gift our families and friends and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes the best gift of all is being together!  I may not have all of my family this year, but this year is our first Christmas in our new home.  It is time to make our own miracles, memories and traditions! Starting with out FIRST ever Christmas tree in our new home!

We chose this beautiful pre-lit traditional green Christmas tree.  You can visit Treetopia website to see their amazing range of Christmas trees they even have a rainbow Christmas tree in stock!


Sadly my grandparents and my dad are no longer with us. I made these angel wing decorations for our tree to remember all those special people who are sadly no longer with us.


Have a magical Christmas everyone!






*Disclaimer:  I received this beautiful Christmas tree from Treetopia free of charge.  The stories and views expressed in this post are true and my opinions are not influenced in any way.  You can view our full policy here.  

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41 thoughts on “Christmas Magic with Treetopia

  1. I’ve learnt something new today which I like, I also like how you had to earn the gift. Gives children a chance to be creative. I like the tree you’ve chosen, ours hasn’t gone up yet, I think the only tradition we’ve kept is the 12 days of Christmas, tree goes up on the 12th December and taken down 12days after christmas xo

  2. You write really nice about Christmas spirit. Its not just about presents.. Its much more. And really nice decorations too. Love them!

  3. I love reading about other people’s Christmas traditions! My mum is Lithuanian, and she told me that as young girl they would celebrate on Christmas Eve too, with a tree only going up a few days before. I love how you have decorated your tree, and love your little pug too! Great pictures!

  4. A beautiful story of your Christmas traditions with your family while you were growing up and what Christmas really means to you. Now you can start your own traditions in your own home.

  5. That is a lovely memory. Me and my sister used to pretend to be asleep just so our dad could carry us to bed. I think it’s nice that you had to earn your gifts too, kids get way too many things nowadays. And I really love your tree and the beautiful white decorations

  6. What a beautiful tree! And I love the traditions you had as a child, the idea yo had to do something in order to get a present is great and I bet your parents have some great memories with the things you and your sister did.

    1. Thank you! My sisters and I used to do Christmas concerts and shows too… It was (still is) a great tradition back home. Believe it or not I still have to cite a poem to get my present when I go back home over Christmas!

  7. My daughter has been questioning Santa this year. I think with the right answers we still have a few years left! Love that you were convinced that he exists! X

  8. It’s really nice to be able to see photos back when you were small and celebrating Christmas. I love how you had to cite poems and earn your gift – makes Christmas fun and a time for sharing, for sure! My son is 4 and is SUPER excited about Christmas. It’s been wonderful seeing him get all excited and talk about Santa. Your tree is gorgeous. Mine’s a bit of a mess since my son helped decorate, but he’s so proud of it.

  9. Aww, those are such sweet memories Evijah, & I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you, the best parts are being together with your family, & we are entirely too materialistic. How that can be reversed, I don’t know. Probably great hardships. I like that you had to earn your gift. I think it would make you appreciate it more. I see kids tear wrapping paper off a pile of gifts, and then say, “Is that all?” Something is the matter with that picture!
    BTW, that’s a beautiful tree! How ever did you get your pug to sit so still??

    1. Thank you so much Florence, I am so glad you enjoyed this post as it was very personal and sharing a bit of myself which I don’t do very often!! My little Coco is so cute and she is such a poser, she loves to be centre of attention and will do anything for cheese!! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas!

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