Introducing Sleepbear – A New Type of Mattress

Today I am really excited to share this post with you.  I got the opportunity to work with Sleepbear UK and received their amazing mattress* for a review.  I was very keen to work with them not only because I got a chance to review a great product but also because of their work ethic and values.


My husband and I bought our dream home in July and went looking for a new bed and mattress soon after as our old mattress had seen better days.. When you start rolling over in bed as soon as your husband turns you know you need a new one!  We looked locally and tried the mattresses, read the descriptions but got so confused with all the details and information! Sleepbear mattress is different, there is no technical lingo and there is only one type of mattress that comes in various sizes! So all you have to do is choose the size you want and order it!  The delivery was very quick too, it only took a couple of days.

Don’t expect a massive trailer with a huge mattress to arrive.  The technology Sleepbear uses ensure the mattress is neatly rolled and comes compressed and boxed.  Watch the video below to see how they do it, it’s pretty amazing!

Image Source – Sleepbear UK

At first, I was a bit sceptical on how can a mattress be compressed to this size. Surely it will be flimsy, flat and can’t be that durable.. I could not have been more wrong!!!  The real magic happens when you open the box up! Once you take the plastic sheet off and unroll it, it takes it’s shape! I left the mattress for about an hour as I went out for a walk with Coco.  When we got back, the mattress was ‘ready’.


I could not wait to try it out. Soft, comfy ohh we were in for a treat tonight I thought!!


I am not a very good sleeper, I find it hard to  switch off at night time and I also tend to wake up several times during the night.  I spend at least 30 minutes to an hour trying to fall asleep as I have lists I am making in my head, things I suddenly remember I need to do and keep trying to figure things out! Whilst, my husband goes to zzzz land as soon as his head hits the pillow!


First night

I tried to relax and not to think too much about it and enjoy the mattress. It was comfortable and it literally hugged the body, it was very comfortable indeed.  It is hard to explain whether it is soft or hard or medium.. it is just right!! As you move, the mattress follows you and your shape, nicely hugging you to make sure you are comfy. No springs digging in the back and no rolling over whenever my husband did! YES!  I woke up very happy with it and did not quite want to get out of bed that morning.

30 night sleep

Sleepbear suggests at least 30 day trial of their mattress and I can see why. The more you use it the more comfortable it gets, it adapts to your body and then as by magic it springs back to its original shape!

The mattress also got the seal of approval from Coco!


Why Sleepbear?? I can only say – because it is different and it works!  The mattress is not only comfortable, it is also hypoallergenic, controls temperature and gives perfect support.

Image source – Sleepbear UK

Did you know, you can actually have a 100 night trial – this is how confident Sleepbear are that they have created the perfect mattress. And trust me after the 100 days you will not want to return it!


Sleeper Limited





No need to go to the shop, try hundreds of mattresses and get confused! Sleepbear have created the perfect concept and it really works!  Not only that, each sale contributes towards Polar Bears International –  the charity Sleepbear works with.

Here at Sleepbear we want to give something back and with the ever prominent environmental issue of melting sea ice, we’ve partnered with Polar Bears International.  Each year, a percentage of the proceeds from our Sleepbear mattress sales will go directly to this organisation to help them support the conservation of polar bears. –

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Check out this amazing video, which shows exactly how the mattress is made!

*Disclosure:   This post has been made in collaboration with  Sleepbear UK, and the mattress for this review has been provided to me free of charge.  You can view our full policy here.  All opinions and ideas expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.From Evija with Love SIGNATURE NEW


22 thoughts on “Introducing Sleepbear – A New Type of Mattress

  1. Read the post and watched the video only b/c hubby has been after me to buying a new mattress. I’m not sure I want another foam one though! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Evijah!

  2. When I saw the box I was astonished a mattress was inside it but wow it looks and sounds great. I’ve had my mattress for so long that it’s so comfortable lol I’d be amused at the feeling of a new one x

  3. It is quite astonishing that they can get that mattress to fit into that box! I have actually heard of Sleepbear mattresses though, and I have heard good things about how comfortable they are to sleep on.

  4. I AM SOLD!!! I’m so amazed at how this is packaged and isn’t conventionally heavy like a spring mattress!! I’ve been saying we need a new mattress for ages now and this sounds like the one! It was intriguing to watch how they make them in the video!!!

  5. I love the sound of this – I have tried every medication possible to help me get a good nights sleep and I am destined to believe it will never change for me sadly. I am a very poor sleeper. Would love to find something that actually does work.

  6. This mattress looks amazing! We have such an old one in our spare room at the moment but this would be ideal as a replacement. I can’t quite believe how small it came!

  7. What a dreamy mattress having a good mattress does wonders for your sleep as an insomniac I should know. I have not heard of the brand but sounds similar to Leesa Mattress

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