From Trash to Treasure – Table Makeover

I found this little table abandoned in the local amenity site.  It looked like someone had attempted to upcycle it but gave up in the end.  It looked so pretty and I thought it would look perfect in our spare bedroom. It just needed a little makeover.


I cleaned the table thoroughly using some sugar soap and let it dry.  I really wanted to create a nice look so decided to remove all the paint from the table top to reveal the wooden surface.  Luckily the top was not scratched underneath so I didn’t need to fix it.before-old-table

I slightly sanded over the table legs and painted it using Frenchic paint from the lazy range called  Spitfire which is a gorgeous grey shade.  If you haven’t used this, give it a go as it is seriously great paint to work with (and I have tried quite a few!).

I did a couple of coats and then sealed the table using the finishing coat, only because I really wanted a nice sheen finish.  When using a paint from the lazy range you don’t need to apply wax as the wax is already added in the paint. You would simply buff once the paint had dried. How easy is that?

To finish off my glamorous table I stained the top using a dark wood stain.


What do you think of the little table makeover?





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11 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure – Table Makeover

  1. What an adorable table to find in the trash!! Your lucky day to come across that! I do like the paint & stain job you did. From the pix, it didn’t look like it needed much.

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