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How to Stencil a Wall – Beginners Guide

You know I absolutely love using stencils when I am doing a piece of furniture.  I think it is such a great way to add something extra to the piece.  I have not been brave enough to tackle a big project such as a wall until now!  ****SPOILER ALERT*** It is actually not as hard as you may think!

Since doing the renovations on the house, we had to budget on how much we would spend on each room.  My craft room is actually a room that has almost zero budget! Everything I am going to put in there must be as cheap as possible!  This is not to say I don’t want it to be as beautiful as the rest of the house.. not at all, it will be amazing I am sure, I just simply have to think outside the box a little!

I really wanted to have a nice crisp room with some added splashes of colour, white, grey, duck egg blue with some hints of gold.  I really wanted to have a feature wall and initially was planning to paint grey stripes. After a little nightmare disaster with the masking tape I  gave that idea up.  I was toying with wallpaper idea but decided to ‘sleep on it’ for now.

Here is where  Stencil Warehouse* come in!! I love the company as they have a great selection of fabulous stencils.  Not only that they also create custom stencils too! They take customer service very seriously and were asking for ideas on what the customers would like to see.  I sent a suggestion for a Marrakech trellis stencil as I LOVE this print and guess what??? They now stock it and they also cut this beautiful stencil for me to try out too!!  It was perfect for my craft room!

The stencil is absolutely brilliant, it is huge! I mean it’s very big so makes it so much easier to work with.  There is no need to keep removing it and retaping the stencil constantly!

First thing to do is make sure the walls and the ceiling are protected. Use low tack tape to tape around the areas.

I attached a little level on the stencil using a double sided tape to make sure the pattern was level on the wall as I know the walls in the house are far from perfect.  Because the walls were not entirely straight I had to improvise a little especially around the corners and edges.

You then need to find your focal point.  As the trellis stencil has a continuous pattern, I chose to start from the middle of the wall.  It meant I had a straight pattern all the way down the wall and it would be easier to follow.

Once you are happy, secure the stencil using low tack tape, make sure the stencil is straight and secure it in place.

Use a small dense foam roler and remove excess paint by rolling it on a paper towel (this is very important, please don’t skip this step).  Avoid the temptation to have lots of paint on the roller or brush. With stencils, less really is more.  Too much paint will end up bleeding under the stencil.

Once you have finished one section, move on to the next one. You don’t really need to wait as the paint dries pretty quickly.  If you notice the paint is still wet, be careful not to smudge it.

I started to get to the grips and I think got a bit too cocky.  I ended up messing up the pattern just above the window and had to paint over it.   As I was getting frustrated I decided to call it a night and finish it off the next day (good call as the next day I was focusing more and made sure I did everything right!)

The corners and edges were a bit more fiddly, however, once you start it gets pretty easy. Work with the same principle – align your stencil and paint using a stencil brush.  The large trellis stencil comes together with an A3 stencil sheet, which is very helpful for those tough corners and edges.

I LOOOOOVE how it turned out!!! The wall looks absolutely gorgeous.  A few more things I need to finish off before I can share the whole craft room reveal.  For now,  you can see my beautiful stencil feature wall!

What do you think?

*Disclaimer: I was given this stencil free of charge by Stencil Warehouse to try it, however,  all opinions, ideas are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way.

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