Thrift Store Swap #5 – Shopping Time

I am so excited to be part of this fabulous group of bloggers and the Sprind edition of the Thrift Store Swap! You know I love upcycling and creating something out of nothing, so this challenge is right up my street! To join a talented group of link minded bloggers makes this even more fun!

See below the links to all bloggers who are participating!

Here is how this works.. There is a group of bloggers and each blogger buys two thrift store items for under $10.   Once the items are purchase, they then send them to the next blogger in the chain.  This time there will be a total of 11 bloggers with 22 amazingly creative projects!! Make sure you check the blog on 27th March when all projects will be revealed!!!

To kickstart my first ever Thrift Store Swap, I thought I would share with you my shopping experience!  Today I am shopping for my fabulously talented blogging friend Pili from My Sweet Things! If you have not seen her amazing projects yet, head over to her blog now! It is filled with amazing furniture transformations, crafts and creative projects! I knew whatever I sent over to Pili, she would make something beautiful!

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I love going to charity shops, looking at items in the auctions, visiting my local amenity shop and local groups for interesting items, so this shopping trip was also a treat for me!

I saw so many gorgeous pieces  I wish I could post but as Pili is located in the sunny Mallorca, I had to also be practical!

Here is what caught my eye..

LOVED this giant tea cup and nearly bought it for myself, but I did think – NO this is shopping trip for Pili!! I think it would look cute in the garden as a plant pot, as it is. Plus it was huge and heavy – probably would end up being a mosaic if I did attempt to post it…

Love these two mannequins!  Who doesn’t??

The metal cups caught my eye but look at those little pigs.. so cute!

Place mats anyone??

Loved this cute little vase, just look at the colour. Pantone colour of the year…

I felt so naughty as I actually bought something initially for Pili but then decided to keep for myself! After carefully considering whether sending glass jars in the post over to Spain was such a good idea! Sorry Pili, I kept them for myself & will be sharing a little project I did for my craft room.

You will just have to wait and see what I posted over to Pili.. **Hint** I didn’t buy any of the items listed above. I wanted to keep it as a surprise for the readers. All I can say Pili has received them and she loves them! NOOOOW just have to wait until 27th March to see what she comes up with!!

Bloggers Participating in  the Spring Edition Thrift Store Swap

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7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Swap #5 – Shopping Time

  1. This should be interesting and now we have to see what YOU get in return ! From someone who ships all the time, sending a big basket like that would be probably be costly to ship. Not to mention a mannequin!

  2. Evija it seems you had a great time shopping around! I agree with you, there were so many great finds but it’s a risk shipping them, especially glass. Those jars are really cute and I’m sure you will them a good use, I have some similar where I keep buttons and charms.
    I can’t wait to see what you receive and make too.
    And thank you so much for your kind words, I hope to live up to your expectations!

    1. Pili, I had so much fun and wish I could have sent you more!! I was thinking would I be happy with the items if someone sent them to me and the answer was yes! Can’t wait to see what you do with them, I am sure it will be amazing! Still waiting for my stuff to arrive in post **excited!!**

  3. I would grab that green vase straight away. Hope, you didn’t leave it at the shop. It is just perfect, no job needed. I also love thrift shops, but yours is great today, so many finds.

  4. I’ve been on the search for one of those mannequins, you know the vintage dress forms on wheels? That one is pretty close, and probably a lot more affordable. With a little creativity it could be transformed into something magnifique… I would have grabbed that one right up can’t wait to see what everyone come see up with!

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