DIY Gold Leaf Heart Frame for My Gallery Wall

On my last trip to Latvia, my mum and I went to a craft shop and I purchased some goodies.  I got quite a few things including some decoupage paper,  glue and also some gold leaf.  I have tried using copper leaf for accents when I did my compass table and I really love the effect. I always say.. everything looks better in gold!

When it came to deciding the colour scheme for my gallery wall in the craft room, I didn’t have to think twice! It was also the perfect excuse to try out my gold leaf!

As you know my craft room is done on a budget, so I am trying to create beautiful wall art without spending a fortune.  My colour scheme is white, grey, turquoise and gold. One of the pieces I did for the gallery wall was this heart frame using some gold leaf.

Here is what I did.

I used an old photo frame, it is actually a really cheap and flimsy plastic frame.  I painted it gold using some frensheen mixed with finishing coat. I then drybrushed over with some white paint.  I removed the glass and traced it over the lace effect wallpaper. I then glued the wallpaper on the glass using mod podge.

While the frame was drying I turned to gold leaf.  I had these wooden hearts left over from Christmas decorations, they were the perfect size for the frame.  I put some glue over the heart and put the gold leaf over, brushing over with a very soft brush to smooth out the lines. I then realised you were supposed to leave the glue dry a bit before putting the leaf on! Oops, no wonder it is a little bit creased, BUT I do like it, so I decided to keep it. I sealed the heart using some clear varnish (do this step once the gold leaf and the glue has dried).  Once the heart had dried I glued it on the frame using some no more nails.

As always, I made a bit of a mess, but if you are having messy fingers then gold is the colour!

Here is my beautiful gold leaf heart!

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