Thrift Store Swap – Drawer Turned into Spring Centerpiece

You may remember my post, where I shared with you some exciting news that I am joining a group of bloggers on the Thrift Store Swap #5.  So today is the big day as it is the REVEAL day on what we received and what we actually made…


Before I start, let me introduce you to the other fabulous bloggers!! Don’t forget to visit them and take a look at what they created (there is also a direct link to each post at the bottom of the post!)

Happily Ever After, Etc,  One Crazy Ride5 Kids, a Dog and a Blog,  MidMichiganMom,  Unique JunktiqueFrom Evija with LoveMy Sweet Things,  Just a Little Creativity,  Shop at Blu,  Feathering My Nest,  Every Home is a Castle

As you know each blogger sends 2 items to the next blogger in line.  Lisa from Five Kids a Dog and a Blog sent me not one but TWO parcels but unfortunately neither of them turned up. I kept checking the mail every day in anticipation, but nothing came.. 2 days before the deadline I thought I was cutting it a bit close, so I sent my husband to the garage to pick me two items to upcycle instead!

Here is what I had to make beautiful again!  An old drawer and an empty pickle jar!

The time was not on my side.. It was Saturday night around 8pm and the reveal was due on Monday.. Panic mode!!!! what to do what to do…. I decided to turn these items into a cute spring centerpiece!! Create a similar look {***affiliate links***}

I had some old drawer knobs I screwed to the bottom to create ‘legs’ for my box,  and then painted the drawer using some chalk paint in mint colour.

To add a little bit of extra bezzaz I put some decorative mouldings and distressed the box a little to create a lovely shabby chic look.  I then turned to the pickle jar.. I really wanted to incorporate the jar in my gorgeous centerpiece so didn’t really want to do a massive transformation, so I simply added a little hessian and lace ribbon around it, then glued a nice little embellishment.

As I love sparkles, I ended up adding the same embellishment on the box too..  I wanted to add some gravel in the box but I didn’t have time to go to the shop and didn’t have any at home… remember I was on a tight deadline (create, paint, make, take photos, edit, write a post argh!!!!!!!! ) so my hubby came to the rescue and suggested I pick some pebbles from the beach.. so I did!

We went for a nice walk on Sunday morning and I picked up some lovely pebbles I filled the box and then simply added some plants and flowers !!

So happy how it turned out!!! I am still waiting for my parcels turn up, so hopefully I will not be running around like a crazy person on my next Thrift Store Swap!!!

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Happily Ever After, Etc,  One Crazy Ride5 Kids, a Dog and a Blog,  MidMichiganMom,  Unique JunktiqueFrom Evija with LoveMy Sweet Things,  Just a Little Creativity,  Shop at Blu,  Feathering My Nest,  Every Home is a Castle

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19 thoughts on “Thrift Store Swap – Drawer Turned into Spring Centerpiece

  1. Oh my heavens this turned out so cute! And considering your time frame, super impressive! Love love love it. Totally pinning this beauty!

  2. You poor soul! Way to handle the adversity and turn out a phenomenal project! The embellishments are simply lovely. I love that you used items you had around the garage and the beach pebbles…genius! This is more of an inspirational post for folks who don’t always have a large budget or any budget! Not only did you make it work but this project is beautiful!

    1. I know right !? I am still hoping the parcels will turn up ! Let’s stay positive … sometimes when I’m under pressure I do better .. but it does show that anything can be turned into something beautiful on almost zero budget !!

  3. So annoying that both parcels didn’t arrive, I can understand your stress. But that centerpiece is so beautiful Evija! I like everything about it, the color is one of my favorites and the laces with the rhinestone make that jar so beautiful. Great inspiration for a little drawer I found years ago.

  4. It looks beautiful! Hope you’ll get your package! But what your hubby chose & what you did with them couldn’t have turned out better if you had gotten the package. Everything looks perfect! Love the aqua color & knobby legs.

  5. That is really cute. I am thinking it would make a great planter, too, with a liner at the bottom, maybe for succulents since they don’t require a lot of water.

  6. Like many other ladies, I too am in love with the color you chose. It is not only Springy but it is soft and appealing to the eye. The decoration you chose makes it pop along with your little legs on the bottom. Where did you get those, at Michael’s or some other craft store? I am really in love with this project. Thank you.

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