Making a Hanging Wall Vase from a Pallet

I  recently shared my beautiful dream craft room makeover with you.  I also recently shared the gold heart tutorial, which was one of the projects I did for the gallery wall. Today I am sharing with you another cool DIY project from my gallery wall..

From my previous posts, you will recall that most of the items for my craft room I had to do on a very tight budget..  So when my husband brought me some old pallets, I got super excited as my brain was doing overtime with all the ideas!

One of the ideas I had, was to make a nice hanging wall vase.  You may have seen in my thrift store swap post, that I purchased these gorgeous little glass bottles and was meant to send them over to my blogger.  However, after careful consideration I decided to keep them for myself! 🙂 One day I was washing the glass bottles and somehow in the process I ended up smashing  one! EEK! I was left with three small bottles and thought that they would perfect for my hanging wall vase.

All I needed for this project was a piece of wood, some jubilee clips, glass bottles and some wood stain.

I cut a piece of wood, sanded it and stained it.  I added a little picture hanging hook at the back of the wooden piece, so it was easy to hang.  I then marked the spots, where I wanted the glass bottles to go. I made a hole in the clip and screwed it on the wooden plank.

I slipped the bottle in the clip and tightened the clip, so it would hold the bottle in place. Then all you need to do is add some flowers.  You can use either faux or real flowers for decoration.

It really was that simple and it looks absolutely amazing!!


10 thoughts on “Making a Hanging Wall Vase from a Pallet

  1. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for awhile. My only question is, once you tighten the clips, are you able to loosen them to empty water and wash the bottles?

    1. Heidi, thank you. Yes you can loosen them and tighten them back . I tend to keep faux flowers in it, so it doesn’t need opening every time to clean the glass bottles .

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