DIY Distressed Letter Wall Art with Saltwash

Today I am sharing with you how I created a distressed letter E for my gallery wall in the craft room.  We created a gallery wall in our hallway and I absolutely adore it.  I wanted to make something special for my craft room, so decided to put up wall art that meant something to me as well as looked really good.

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As you know I absolutely love using Saltwash™.  I find it is such a fun product to work with and it creates the most beautiful and authentic weathered look.  It can transform the most boring piece  into something with a lot of character.  Remember my Coastal Inspiration project?

When I was thinking about my gallery wall I wanted to have ‘ MY‘ wall, with things that were special to me and things that would give me inspiration.  This space was my creative room, my safe haven and one room, that was just my room!  At first I wanted to have From Evija with Love somewhere on the wall, but I thought perhaps the text was too big so I opted to have my initial instead.

I got this mdf letter from the internet and thought I will paint it but the mdf painted look a a little boring for me, so I decided to use saltwash to make it a little bit more interesting!

First you need to mix the saltwash with the paint of your choice.  I chose Everlong in Kingfisher shade (similar shade in Aff. link). I use the ratio 1:1 , this is easy to remember and does not matter whether you are making a large batch or just a little bit..

When your Saltwash™ mixture is ready, apply it on the surface using “glob” like technique, let it dry. It looks a mess, but trust me the messier it is the better the effect will be.  Once dry, paint over the top layer (I chose white).  Then sand sand sand to reveal the beautiful effect & don’t forget to seal to bring the colour out even more.

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I absolutely love how my letter turned out! What do you think?


From Evija with Love SIGNATURE NEW

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