How to Create DIY Wooden Arrow from a Pallet

It’s been a little while since I did my gorgeous craft room reveal and I have since been sharing my gallery wall projects with you all.  Today I will be sharing one of my favourite projects simply because I love working with wood and my jigsaw.  I used to be so scared of the jigsaw, but the more I practice  the better I get.. I decided to have a go at making a DIY arrow from some scrap wood.

If you follow my Pinterest boards you will know I am a huge fan of gallery walls, arrow and signs! When my husband got me some free pallets I was so happy, as it meant I could make my own signs and spend almost nothing!

First job was to strip off the pallets.  It’s a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.  I used a crow bar and a hammer to get the nails out.  I did not use a template just measured the angles using my angle ruler (my favourite tool at the moment!!)  I measured 10cm and drew a horizontal line accross, then measured the next 10 cm and drew another line.  I then drew a diagnol line from top left corner to bottom right corner to give me the angle.

I then cut out the diamond shapes one by one.  The pallet wood is a little rough so I sanded the shapes before I assembled them to form an arrow and glued them together.  There were some tiny gaps, which I filled with some wood filler.

When dry, I used some frog tape to get nice crisp lines as I was going for two tone effect – turquoise and wood.  I painted alternate diamond shapes and let it dry.

 Once dry I used some sticky tape to put them on the wall.

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