How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

As you may remember from my post about DIY craft room on a budget and craft room reveal post, I really wanted to create a beautiful gallery wall.  I had a few things I wanted to frame and display in my craft room to keep me motivated, as well as remind me of why I was doing it.  I also decided to make a few things as my husband kindly delivered around 20 pallets which I of course accepted with open arms!

When creating a gallery wall my first and biggest suggestion is to make it meaningful.  Yes of course, don’t forget about how it will look, be creative but make sure some of the things have a personal meaning to you.  I absolutely love my gallery wall and more importantly things on display have a very important meaning for me.  Here is my gallery wall inspiration board if you are stuck for ideas!

For me, the most precious piece is the gold antlers, as they remind me of my dad, who sadly passed away almost three years ago. Each day I walk past them I remember my dad and in a way it also makes me feel that he is next to me.  The quote and the framed interview is also very important to me. They are reminders to me why I started crafting and blogging and why I should never quit!  Everything else on the wall was made with lots of love and positive vibes!

It is important to have a visual in your head, I kept changing my mind ALL the time (as I was doing the projects).  I kept arranging and re-arranging the things on the floor.

To make sure the wall looked exactly as I wanted I cut out the shapes from brown paper and put them on the wall. I did not try the cutouts to be level or equal, I just wanted to see what they will look like (rather than pieces on the floor).

I am so glad I did it! Simply because the items on the floor, were spaced out equally and that’s what I was going to do on the wall. Only to realise I hated how it looked! It looked too neat and something was missing.  As I had the shapes cut out I simply moved them around and changed the layout. Bingo!!!

Then the last change came from my husband, who suggested, the antlers should take centre stage. I could not agree more!! We then put everything on the walls, starting from the centre and working our way gradually, measuring and levelling to make sure things were straight!

Here is my beautiful wall!!

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  1. Evijah, I couldn’t agree more about it being meaningful. I like your wall, and I like the idea of using brown paper first for your placement. Great idea!

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