Bathroom Makeover – Part 1 – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Hi everyone, if you are following our story you know we have been busy renovating and decorating our home since we bought it last year.  You may also remember, I did a post on my ‘Dream Bathroom’ last year and I came 2nd winning some lovely vouchers from the Tile Mountain.  Today I will be sharing with you Part 1 of our Dream Bathroom Makeover.. The good..the bad and the ugly!!

Let’s start from the beginning! Here are the before photos! As you can see the bathroom was in good condition but quite dated.

We spent ages deciding what to do. Our initial plan was to order some marble tiles! We both really liked the effect, however, the budget went on other things in the house and we had to think whether it was the right look  for our bathroom.  We needed something to make it look bigger than it was.

After many months of deciding, changing our minds and ordering so many [free] samples! We finally settled on a white bevelled metro (subway) tile and stone effect tile for the floor.

Image Source – Tile Mountain

We knew once we would remove the old tiles, we would need to plaster/skim the walls again, so decided the subway tile would work great for us as we could tile half of the wall and paint the top half.  We could then change the colour if we got bored! Win/Win!

We started to remove the tiles ourselves.  It was quite a fun and liberating thing to do! Out with the old and in with the new..

Of course, nothing goes according to plan.. issue no 1 the board under the window was damaged, so we ended up putting a new plasterboard up (not in the budget). The good thing to come out of this, was that we also insulated the area before we put the new board up!

Walls looked a mess – before skimming them we had to remove the old plaster and glue! This was not fun at all!! Scrape scrape scrape….

Lovely plastered walls.

Yes!! Time to choose the colour… I am so indecisive… I picked these blue and grey shades..

We used some wedi boards around the shower area.

Issue No 2.. MASSIVE ISSUE! Our tiler let us down massively!! what should have been a quick and easy job turned into a nightmare! After nearly two weeks only the floor tiles were laid but then all of a sudden our tiler was nowhere to be seen!

Turns out ‘he was soooo busy‘ he could not finish the job!!!! WHAT??????????? Thanks for letting us know BEFORE you started the job and left us without a bathroom!!!!!  We didn’t have a shower or bath at home so had to go round the in-laws every night! What to do?!!? Panic, tears, anger… Right, calm down and find a new tiler right?? Not as easy especially on such a short notice and Easter was around the corner too….

Thankfully my friend helped to find us a RELIABLE tiler!!! Not only he did an amazing job but he tiled the whole bathroom and grouted it all in 3 days!!! He was an absolute star!! Here is a little sneak peek at his work!

Things are looking up right….?

Issue No 3. (this was happening in the middle of the tiler saga)  we removed the old radiator in the bathroom and new pipes were fitted and secured ready for the new towel rail (or so we thought!) A week later I noticed some water coming through to the kitchen ceiling… It turned out the valves were not secured tightly enough under the bathroom floorboards so the water leaked slowly and you guessed it… the ceiling in the kitchen came down…. and breathe…1….2…..3…..

We were so fed up with all these small disasters.. but had to stay positive..  In order to do it properly, we found a plumber to finish the bathroom off, plumb everything up, check all the pipes and make sure everything is in order! Lesson learntalways get professionals in when it comes to plumbing and electrics!

It has taken a little longer than expected.. We are still finishing off the little bits so I cannot give you the full reveal just yet! BUT after nearly 8 weeks, we have finally got our bathroom back! Stay tuned for Part 2 and the big reveal!!!

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7 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover – Part 1 – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  1. Wow…major disasters! They can really get you down! I totally understand. I don’t think any remodeling job ever goes according to plan, especially on an older home. I hope the kitchen ceiling disaster wasn’t on something y’all had already done!
    Anyway it’s going to be lovely. Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

    1. It’s been very stressful but thankfully we have pulled through and in the grand scheme of things it’s just a bathroom.. Kitchen is on our list of things to do in 2 years might happen a little earlier now thank you Florence !

  2. Oh lord. I really feel for you! We made over our bathroom and had no issues and even that was stressful enough. Finding good tradesmen is absolutely essential but very difficult. The good ones are always too busy. We’ve just made over our kitchen and luckily we now have good contacts we can call on who we know are reliable. I really hope the project goes smoothly now and I’m looking forward to seeing the final bathroom revealed.

  3. Wow, that pink suite is truly something!

    I love a classic metro tile – that’s what I’ve just put in my kitchen and they look so classic:

    We had so many issues with our bathroom, including a leaking soilpipe which was a little bit gross. It meant we had some mould growing in the kitchen, but unlike you, our ceiling didn’t fall in!

    It’s definitely a nightmare trying to find reliable tradesmen who can do short notice. The best ones are often booked up for 8 weeks.

    I can’t wait to see the final reveal, I’ll be following your blog to see what it looks like.

    1. Thank you Sarah, yes the pink suite was something.. the bathwas pretty huge though! I am so glad that the bathroom is nearly done and the major works have now been done..I am glad we sorted all our dramas though! Nearly nearly done, I can’t wait to share it.. PS Love your kitchen and subway tiles are gorgeous!

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