DIY Wedding Gift made from Wooden Pallets

Today I am so excited and I will be sharing a super special post.  My good friend got married in May this year and I knew straight away that I wanted to make a special wedding gift for the happy couple.  This wedding gift comes from the heart as a lot of thought and love went into making it..

You may recall my anniversary sign I made for my husband a few years back.  One day the bride was round my house and she loved it! I knew straight away I would make something similar to mark her big day.  I wanted her sign to be a little different so incorporated things she loved – sparkle and turquoise!!

First I  cleaned and sanded down some pallets.  I didn’t really use measurements just approximately decided what size to make. As you can see Coco was a great help too!

Our sign had co-ordinates of our church, for this sign I decided to leave the co-ordinates out as I didn’t want to mess it up!  You can see my anniversary gift idea here.

I started by doing the carving first.  I measured and centred the writing on piece of wood and using a carbon paper traced the text and numbers.  I then carved the lettering and numbers using my dremel (UK link and US Link).

Then the fun could begin.  I painted the bare wood in various colours of blue and let it dry.

I then sanded down most of the paint as I simply wanted some hints of blue popping out.

I then glued (and screwed) the pallets on 6mm plywood and added some picture hooks at the back.

I put dark varnish over the whole piece ( I think I did 2-3 layers using a cloth).  I highlighted the text and numbers with some acrylic paint and used some gold paint for highlights and the heart.  I then sealed with some clear varnish and glued the heart on.  Voila!


From Evija with Love SIGNATURE NEW

10 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Gift made from Wooden Pallets

  1. Wow, such a nice Wedding gift and also very personal. We are going to Weddings in August, need to make something personal too. Still looking for ideas. But yours is truly gorgeous!

  2. It was an absolutely fabulous wedding gift and we both love it!! It has pride of place in our home and its all the more special because of all the love, time and effort that my very good friend, Evija, put into it… she does with all her projects.

    Mrs Norman…..the bride xxxx

  3. That looks great! I’ve just created a coat rack and carved the lettering out using a router for the first time.

    What piece/bit did you use to carve out the font with your dremel? I quite fancy one of those!

    Vikkie x

    1. Thank you Vikkie.. I have a dremel accessory kit and tried various bits, but found the diamond tip (the one with small round end) the best and easiest to use.. for more intricate carving and outline, I played around with smaller tips.. try out on a piece of wood and see which one feels best for you. I think first sign I did I used one that was meant for grinding/sharpening tools, but it worked ok 🙂 Diamond tips all the way now!!

    1. Hi Shannon, I actually used the wrong one in this photo.. I got a selection of different ones and I would suggest using a diamond tip one which worked even better!

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