Garden – Our Plans & What We have Done so Far!

Can you believe it has been nearly one year since we bought our house and started the renovation works? No, neither can I!  Last year we concentrated on the interior and the rooms inside the house but this year we finally got to get outside in the garden.  I was so excited to get outside in the spring and start getting our garden in some sort of shape!

I have always loved outdoors and fresh air.  I grew up in a nice house with a huge garden and spent the summers outside from the morning till the evening! Every year we (and I mean our mum and dad) would grow our own vegetables and mum would have various flowers and trees in there. I remember my sisters and I used to make all sorts of excuses so we didn’t have to go outside and help!!  Now 20 years on I absolutely LOVE our garden and could not wait to start working on it..

First things first, before getting too carried away we needed to do a massive clear out!  We started with clearing the garden, getting rid of old branches, shrubs and everything we did not want in OUR garden.  It was a nightmare getting rid of a small tree and we ended up borrowing a chainsaw from the in-laws.   Thankfully, the chainsaws nowadays are pretty reasonably priced and you don’t really need to spend a fortune, just take a look at the selection at SGS Engineering.

The previous home owners already had a nice vegetable patch made, but as it hadn’t been used for over a year, it was overgrown and the soil was extremely hard. Shaun built a lovely frame around it using old railway sleepers, which we treated with some fence paint.

To get the vegetable patch ready, we got someone to rotavate it for us and mix in 10 bags of compost! BEST investment made, it saved us not only time but also our backs as it would have taken us hours doing it manually ourselves! Not to mention, the soil afterwards was nice and fluffy.

I planted potatoes, beans, peas and lettuce (believe it or not, but the seeds are from my great grandma’s garden who is no longer with us, but my mum has been growing if for years!)

Unfortunately the hydrangea was planted in a bad spot, the roots were starting to lift the pavement near the house and the plant was not very healthy.

  Once they were removed, Shaun created a nice flower bed along the fence.

Next job on the list was to remove the old pampas grass. We are planning to plant a nice magnolia tree in its place!

I always dreamt about a beautiful garden, where we could have a nice pond, a vegetable patch and a nice relaxing area where we could host barbecues.. For now…the patio area will have to wait a little… This is where it will be going, hopefully next spring!

Check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration!

Next project on the list is our garden pond!!! Stay tuned to see what we did… We are nearly there! For now, here is our beautiful garden!

Have you got any gardening tips or favourite gardening tools you use?

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7 thoughts on “Garden – Our Plans & What We have Done so Far!

  1. This garden’s looking lovely! Ours is last on my list of things to do, though I’d like to get it sorted because it’s very overgrown, and keeps getting worse.

    I think we’ll do the front and back garden before we renovate the three bedrooms, the drive is so important to me from a looks perspective.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad I got to do things in the garden as there isn’t much I can do in the house at the moment.. The big kitchen reno will be happening in a year or two!

  2. Just a year and you have done already so much. Super! Our front garden was fine when we move in 2 years ago, but back yard was just a new built house rubbish pale. And I started to work on it even a week before we move in as I couldn’t stand an idea that I will look through the window to it. Be honest, it took us two summer to get a little bit into shape but still lots to do. Grass is still not brilliant. Therefore you are doing just great!!!

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