Hi everyone and welcome to our AUGUST edition of DIY BLOG CHALLENGE!!! Each month a group of DIY bloggers come up with a theme and do a project based on this theme.  Remember my July’s project where our theme was “Summer Festival”.  This month we are continuing with the summer inspired projects and our theme is “FLOWER POWER“.

DIY image transfer on wood slice

I won’t lie.. I did struggle a little with this one.. I love flowers and initially I thought I could do a nice wreath with some faux flowers, but soon changed my mind as I thought everyone will probably be doing it! I tried to put it off and think outside the box a little.. I left it until ONE week before the post was due, it is no unlike me to do it last minute.. or is it? 😀

I decided to make something creative using a floral print… I have done a photo transfer before and absolutely loved the effect. I had this wood slice I have been meaning to use, so my idea for a project was born!

I sanded the wood slice and put a coat of Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Buttermilk.  I printed this image  I found on Pinterest using laserjet printer. [please be careful when using images from the internet, this was used for personal use only and is not for sale].


I used this photo transfer medium and followed the instructions.  Cover the area and the image with the medium, then place it on the surface (face down) and smooth over, removing any air bubbles, then leave for 8 hours.  Then I sponged over with wet sponge and let it sit for a few minutes, and rubbed the paper off!

As I was rubbing off the paper, some of the transfer came off too.. grrrrr…

Not sure what happened there, but you know me.. instead of panicking, I improvised yet again! I ended up using some chalk paint and acrylics and blended it all together..  I wanted to create a little vintage feel, so sanded the transfer a little too and to add extra colour I painted over a few areas to highlight the beautiful image..

Then to finish it all off I simply sealed with clear varnish and VOILA! What do you think?

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Do you like the rose vase featured in the photos? I made it using some napkins! Go check out the decoupage post here.

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Items used or equivalent:-

Old Fashioned Milk Paint – Buttermilk- UK Link (similar), USA Link, Wood Slice – UK Link, USA Link, Decoart Photo Transfer Medium – UK Link, USA Link, General Finishes Top coat – UK Link, USA Link,  Paint Brush Set – UK Link, USA Link



  1. You know I think it looks even better as a vintage look with part of it missing and the way you have blended it in, very well done, it looks amazing. Absolutely beautiful! #DIYBlogChallenge

  2. This turned out so pretty. You did a great job improvising. Sometimes projects work out that way and you just have to go with the flow. Nice save, if you hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t even have known. 😉

  3. I’ve always wanted to try a transfer project. I love this one and I love the vintage finish I found coming up with an idea for this theme challenging too but I love the mix of projects we’ve ended up with from everyone
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  4. Very pretty. I love the shabby chic image you used. Yes there’s usually a little image/medium loss with me too when I use this method, but you blended it all in & it looks beautiful.

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