A Very Honest Post on Why I Blog

As I roll in my third year of blogging I often get asked… How did I start this blog, why did I do it and why do I keep doing it?? I have a full time job and probably as many people do not have enough hours in the day as it is!!! The simple answer is I don’t really know.. but all I know is, I absolutely love it!!! Don’t get me wrong it can be very hard work and is not as easy as I first thought..

When I wrote my first blog post 2+ years ago, I didn’t realise there is so much behind it.. The world is changing constantly and seems like everyone has a blog nowadays…It is not easy to be seen in a crowd of so many talented people..

I don’t craft & write my blog to make money I do it to feed my soul…

The real reason why I started my blog is I simply wanted to share  my projects and creations with the world (or anyone who bothered clicking on my links). Maybe show that anyone can do amazing things if they just tried..

Some people like to do crossword puzzles, knit, draw or play football … I love to sand, paint, drill, create and make something beautiful! 🙂

Since my first project, I have learnt SO MANY things and when I look back I think oh dear!!! BUT we all have to learn somewhere don’t we? When at first I would do a project I remember  I used to quickly take a before/after photo and be so pleased with myself.. NOW I make sure I have the correct light, staging, colours and everything is in order.. then edit edit edit!!  Doing the project itself becomes the easiest part, the hard part comes before – coming up with and idea and after – how you show and present it to the world!


I can honestly say my projects and this blog has helped me through some very hard times. For those who follow my blog or know me personally, know that I tragically lost my dad just over three years ago.  It was a complete shock, the most painful thing in the world and nothing would ever make it right again, BUT I found my therapy… my little escape… I would lose myself in my creativity and for a moment everything was ok again…

Next time when you see a new post from me, think that this is not only another tutorial (in the sea of so many), but it is something a lot more for me.. Each project is a little piece of my soul I have shared with you.. I try my best to keep this passion going, so thank you to every single person who visits my blog, believes in me and supports me along the way!

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7 thoughts on “A Very Honest Post on Why I Blog

  1. Such a sweet and honest sharing of your thoughts. I think you really do have to love it to keep at it because it is a lot of work, lots of behind-the-scenes work that those who don’t do it will never understand.
    I’m so sorry about your dad!

  2. It’s lovely that you write, that is so special and important for you and also for us , readers your posts are inspiring. Thanks for that and have a creative ideas in the future too. x

  3. Oh, this post made my heart laugh and cry at the same time. I love how you said that you do it to feed your soul it’s exactly how I would describe my blogging journey so far. Love your blog and wish you another three years and even more

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