Our Beautiful Christmas Tree & Christmas Mornings with Treetopia

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I am so excited to share this post with you today as it not only involves the most magical time of the year but also because I have teamed up with Treetopia and some absolutely amazing bloggers from the UK and US to share our Christmas mornings with you!!

As you know I am originally from Latvia and as many other European countries we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I remember I watching Mr Bean one year when I was little and couldn’t quite understand why he was so excited getting up in the morning on Christmas as it wasn’t until the evening when the Santa came.. I thought it was so funny how he danced around his bed (I still do! Don’t judge!)


Since moving to the Isle of Man, we keep up with the tradition and have a little dinner on Christmas Eve, we agreed we could open one present but normally leave them until the Christmas morning.. so now each year we kind of get two Christmases..

My first Christmas in the Isle of Man was very overwhelming.. I was away from home and my family but I remember Shaun went out of his way to make it special for me… We decided to stay overnight at my mother-in-law’s house (big mistake!!!) I remember going to bed thinking about the next day and it felt like we only were asleep for a minute, when my sister-in-law who was SO excited (may I add she was a teenager!!), jumped on our bed and woke the whole house up at around 6am on Christmas morning!!! Thanks Claire!!! 🙂 We didn’t really have a choice – it was time to get up and open the presents! I can still remember the excitement and sparkle in her eyes that morning..

We don’t really have traditions as such, but we do try to make the morning quite festive with some bucks fizz, lovely Christmas music on in the background and exchanging the gifts whilst still wearing our PJs. It is always nice to see the excitement as someone is opening their present..

Each year is different in our family.. Whether we are in Isle of Man, UK or Latvia, each morning and Christmas time is different and magical in its own way! I guess our main tradition for the Christmas morning is to always try to keep that Christmas sparkle, no matter where you are!  For me, spending time with the family is the most important thing!

Does your family have any Christmas morning traditions?

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2 thoughts on “Our Beautiful Christmas Tree & Christmas Mornings with Treetopia

  1. Evija, your Christmas tree is beautiful,saw it on Instagram.

    I love a flocked tree, even toyed with the idea to have mine flocked, but at the last minute changed my mind.

    Your decorations are wonderful, and go with your decor perfectly! Pinned
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!!

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