Upcycle an Old Christmas Ornament

You know I love Christmas ornaments and you know how I love to upcycle the old ones rather than throwing them out. Well today’s post is all about recycling your old ornaments and thinking outside the box a little!  I had a few old baubles I wanted to upcycle and really didn’t have a clue what exactly I wanted to do.. as most of the time I have an idea in my mind and then I simply improvise and create on the spot!

With this ornament I knew I wanted to create some sort of texture, I had some filler left and also some of the skim fill I used to patch some of the walls up.  The skim has such a lovely texture I thought it would work perfect on an ornament to create an interesting effect. (If you don’t have any skim you can always find something that will give you texture in a craft store).  I used this brand but I got it in our local shop, I would think any type of skim would work!

It got messy I won’t lie, BUT it was so much fun! Here’s what I did…

As I dipped and covered the ornament with the mixture, I soon realised there is no point creating any patterns as the skim was quite runny it just dripped.. and here was my idea born – put some more on and let it drip… it kind of created a nice frosting effect!

I added some glitter on the ornaments while the skim was still wet and left it to dry.

The ornament didn’t need any other embellishments I felt !

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    1. That would be sheet rock mud or joint compound. From the drippy look, I’d suspect one would have to thin it a little.

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