Readers Choice – Top 15 Most Popular Posts of 2017

It is that time of the year when I look back at my posts and what I have done.. It is really exciting to see which posts you loved and which were the most popular this year!!  You will recall last year my top post was my  Gold Desk Organiser and the year before  the upcycled Golden Glass Containers.  There’s a pattern going.. I ALWAYS say everything looks better in gold.. Shall we see which posts made the top 15 this year and if your favourite has made the list?

15. Ombre Sideboard

Considering I only posted this in October, coming in at no 15 is pretty amazing!! I absolutely loved doing this project as it was a little bit of an experiment and it turned out pretty amazing don’t you think?

14. How to Stencil a Wall

I am so pleased you found this tutorial helpful! I absolutely love stencils but sometimes they can be quite daunting, so I decided to do this post and share my tips!

13. Kitchen Makeover

We are planning a major kitchen renovation, however, as we are still saving for our dream kitchen, I spruced it up a bit by painting the cabinets, tiles and changing the hardware.  You all really enjoyed my post as I keep getting emails and questions about it too!

12.  Christmas Wreath

This post is from 2015 but you still seem to love it and why not, it is sparkly and very festive!!

11. Lace Painted Furniture

Another project from 2015 which you seem to love!! This was my first attempt at lace painting and I must say it was so much fun!!

10. How to do a Raised Stencil

I loved doing this peace and trying out a new technique. It is always scary to try something new but when it works it works!!

9. Turquoise Cabinet Makeover

For the first time I used a really bold colour and absolutely loved it!! This makeover was done for my budget craft room and I absolutely love it and seems that so do you!

8.  Coffee Table

One of my favourite pieces from this year! I had no idea what I was doing really.  I had an idea and as always things didn’t go to plan, BUT it turned out even better than I first anticipated.. as someone once said there are no mistakes just happy accidents..

7.  10 Minute Fall Decor

Easy & fun little Autumn/fall decor idea!

6. Hallway Makeover

I love doing room reveals and I am so happy you loved our hallway reveal post!

5. Hanging Wall Vase

Another project from my budget friendly craft room.  It looks pretty good and isn’t as hard to make either.. Maybe that is why it was pretty popular on the blog this year!

4.  Craft Room Reveal

Another room reveal has made the top 10.  This is by far my most favourite room in the whole house.  Unfortunately it never looks this pretty anymore (just check out my Instagram stories!)

P.S It was also featured in Reloved Magazine Issue no 46!


3.   Gold Vases

Last year’s No 2 spot is this year’s no 3!  The gold vases are still a huge hit and can you believe they have been viewed 1.08 million times on Hometalk!?

2. Q Tip Holder

Sometimes the easiest posts are the most popular posts!! This little project was done back in 2015 and is still one of my most popular posts on the blog!! It has grown even more popular as it was No 3 last year!!

1. Thrift Store Swap Centerpiece

So my No.1 most popular post of last year is – my take on the Thrift Store Swap! I am not surprised this was my most popular post as I think it turned out pretty amazing! It just shows how a pile of junk can be put together to create a beautiful spring centerpiece! I must say I really enjoyed doing it!!

So did you favourite post made the list??

2 thoughts on “Readers Choice – Top 15 Most Popular Posts of 2017

  1. Interesting… My favorite posts are less interesting for other readers . Never mind, it’s just stats. 🙂 Looking forward your new and creative ideas in 2018 , specially some lovely makeovers and home improvements. Happy New Year!! Inese x

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