Living Room Makeover – How to Modernise a Living Room – PART 1

Hi everyone, today I am showing you PART 1 of the Living Room Makeover.. I started the post and somehow simple makeover post went on and on and on, so I decided to split it into 2 sections! Today I will show exactly what the room liked like before and during the renovations, things we decided to do (and how), how we planned to modernise it with the final reveal and post with links & sources to follow afterwards! [****DISCLAIMER – THERE ARE  LOTS OF PHOTOS!*******]

You may recall my post where I shared my plans for our living room last year, you can catch up with it here.  This is the living room how it was set up, when we went to view the house.

Our first expense for the house was actually the most expensive thing in the whole house, which was the sofa! We fell in love with this HUGE L shaped corner sofa (in Dark Grey) and styled the whole living room more or less around it!

First thing we had to do was to remove the old wallpaper.  The walls (and ceiling!!) were covered in wallpaper, which was painted over and over again over the years.  We removed the wallpaper from the walls without any problems.  As it was so thick, the wallpaper came off in large sheets.  Thankfully, the walls were in tact and we didn’t need to get them skimmed!

The ceiling was a totally different story…! The woodchip wallpaper took us DAYS to remove.  There were cracks and paint was chipping off, so the prep work took us a long time to do and get right.

See the old stone fireplace? There will be a fun makeover coming soon as we also modernised it to fit in with our new living room.  It was too bulky and the hearth was so big and heavy I kept bumping into it all the time!! The new fireplace is SO much better! EDITED>>see the Fireplace Makeover HERE

Even though it was hard work, I am so glad we got rid of the wallpaper as I am not kidding, removing it actually made the room look so much bigger!!

Then it was time to decide the colours!! It took us a while and a large amount of sample paint pots to decide the correct shades. I kept changing my mind as the colours looked all different in different lights.. QUICK TIP, paint an area on your wall and look at it in different lighting (morning, evening, with lights switched on and off).  We finally decided on by custom shade by Valspar and  Slate (in matt) for the statement wall. 

Slate actually dried around 2 shades darker than on the tub but it worked perfect for us! The matt wasn’t quite as matt as I wanted but the light sheen reflects the light and I kind of like it now. You can just about see the fireplace under the wrap and a little hint in the above picture..

We both decided to get rid of the carpet in the living room and instead use the laminate  flooring we used in the hallway.*  Thank you to Mikey, who helped us out and did an amazing job installing the floor and skirting boards.

Once the walls were painted and the flooring was down, the fun part started! Choosing the rug, cushions, accessories and adding a splash of colour to our “grey” living room.  I created this art piece, which was going to be the statement piece on the wall, surrounded by some cute art work pieces I already had!

I also upcycled this coffee table and created a faux marble/art effect on the table top (inspired by the NEW fireplace…..)

What do you think of what we have done so far?  Full reveal will be coming soon, so I hope you will love the room as much as we do!!

Why not join me on my Instagram – I share some behind the scenes & sneak peeks all the time!!  Here is one.. one side of the gallery wall!

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  1. You make the worse to worth. You did a great job and paintings are really beautiful. Looking forward to part 2 as well.

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