Sarah Jayne Chalk Paint Review and Wooden Tray Makeover using a Stencil

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As you know I love to try different products and paints that are available on the market.  So when Sarah Jayne Chalk Paint was looking for bloggers to try out their new re-branded paint, I jumped at a chance!! You may know Everlong paint has re-branded and now is called Sarah Jayne Chalk Paint, you can see their range of paints and finishing coats  here. I had used Everlong paint before, so I knew if this new paint was anything like Everlong, I was in good hands!


I received a lovely parcel with 5 sample pots, 2 types of wax and a tin of one coat sealer.  My garage is full of items that need upcycling, but I fell in love with this gorgeous shade of blue and knew exactly which piece I was going to upcycle!

I had this little unloved tray, which I found in an amenity site (in the burn pile!!).  It was perfect for me when I was on my laptop in bed or in the sofa, it just needed a little bit of love!

I sanded slightly and cleaned the tray, then painted my first coat in Royal Navy.  The paint is creamy and smooth and had great coverage, it also has a lovely smell.  I was surprised of the great coverage and also the fact, that when the paint dried, it didn’t have any harsh brush strokes visible.. Just look at the tray after just one coat!!

I added another coat and decided to use my lovely Nicolette Tabram stencil I bought at the Handmade Fair last year. I absolutely love using stencils as they can absolutely transform the piece.  For the contrasting colour I used Vintage.

nicolette tabram stencil

Once I was finished with the stencil, I used the one coat sealer. Rookie mistake, I ended up adding another coat before the first one had dried (cold room meant the seal hadn’t dried in time), so I smudged the stencil in the corner! argh…. don’t panic… it can be fixed once it dries and if not.. just start over, as it is just paint!! Thankfully, once the tray dried I simply went over the area with the stencil again and then sealed it!!! Lesson number one…. Be patient and let things dry properly!!! 



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Have you tried this paint yet? Let me know what you thought.. More makeovers coming as I can’t wait to try out the paint in colour Dijon!

2 thoughts on “Sarah Jayne Chalk Paint Review and Wooden Tray Makeover using a Stencil

  1. Lucky day for a lucky find! Wow, that paint is awesome! I don’t see the mistakes unless you’ve fixed them already. BTW, show us your garage sometime…would love to see your “junk” waiting for makeovers!

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