My New Years Resolutions and Goals for our House

Hi everyone,  I was invited to take part in a project called – A Year of Interiors together with a group of very talented bloggers.  Our aim is to bring you various interior posts and hopefully inspire you all year round! This month we all share our New Years Resolutions and Goals! As you know we are still renovating and decorating our home, so for me it was an easy post to write.. So here goes my New Years Resolutions and Goals for our House this year! Also keep an eye on the hashtag #ayearofinteriors on social media to see all the posts!

Since we bought our house in 2016 (you can follow our journey here), we have worked and decorated non-stop.  The house is not finished by any means, but I have learnt that it all takes time and also it is important to give yourself a break if you are doing most of the work yourself! So what’s in store for this year, what are my goals and new year resolutions?


My number one goal and resolution is to take it easy this year (As I am typing, I know I am so going to break this!!! 🙂 ) ! Last year was such a busy year and we had so many projects on the go, we were exhausted by the end of the year, not to mention our bank balance went down pretty rapidly too.  This year I am hoping to stay organised, plan things in advance and give myself plenty of time for any projects. I am also learning to say no a bit more, even though it is proving very hard (people pleaser that I am!)


That said, I do want to crack on with the renovations.. The spare bedroom has had a new carpet fitted and the walls have been painted, but I really want to inject some colour into this little room. I am slightly obsessed with blue at the moment and am thinking of maybe using wallpaper too. I must have a plan in place as this room has very awkward walls! How gorgeous is this Rumpus in Midnight by Barry Spence

Image source Woodchip and Magnolia


Our initial plan was to create a nice seating area for the garden.  But as we have decided to spend all our money on a trip to Italy (working on No.1 goal above here….) this year the seating area may have to wait..

Image source – Garden Trading

4. Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen re-model was on cards this year too, well at least we were hoping to start planning it.. I have a ton of pins on my Pinterest board, hundreds of ideas and enthusiasm.. BUT with everything else going on, I think we have pushed this down our list a little this year..

Just look at this DREAM kitchen on My Texas House blog!

Image source

As well as the plans outlined above, I am planning to do lots of furniture upcycling for the house as well as creating some custom art pieces for the walls, oh and most exciting news… I am also hoping to start doing some workshops in the Isle of Man to get people creating and upcycling!!!  Just looking back now, probably my number 1 goal will be out of the window this year!!

What are your interior goals for the year?


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  1. Good luck with yours! We need to redo master bathroom and boys shared bedroom too. Then a small bits and bobs. I think with two bigger projects will be enough for us

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