Create Easy and Fun Decorations for your Home using YARN

It has been a little while since my last #diyblogchallenge but I have been so busy with other things that they slowly took over my life.. I am so happy to be joining my fellow DIYers for this month’s theme, which was “POM-POMS“.

I absolutely love pom-poms and you may remember by Easter bunny tutorial a few years ago.  I have been planning on creating a pom-pom pillow and also a blanket, but I ended up doing something completely different, well simply because I had this pink yarn and really, really wanted to make my pom-pom with it! 🙂

Making pom-poms is quite easy and you don’t really need any special tools (unless you buy a pom-pom maker). You can use either some cardboard as in my bunny tutorial or get a pom-pom maker.  If you plan on making more than one project using pom-poms, I would definitely buy one as they are quite cheap, make the process quicker and pretty easy to use. Here is a step by step photo guide using a pom-pom maker.

I worked a little backwards as I made these pink pom-poms and still had no idea what to do with them.  I also ended up running out of yarn and because I was enjoying making these, made a few more white ones.  Then a cute little pom-pom thief paid me a visit…

The pink ones reminded me of a flower so my bright idea was to glue them on a stick and put them in a vase.  The sticks didn’t quite look right, so I braved the freezing cold and cut some of my freesia twigs and glued the pom-poms using a hot glue gun.

I LOVE how they turned out.. What do you think??

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