How to Make a Pom Pom Cushion the Easy Way

I am happy to say that our bedroom makeover was a big hit with the readers and had an amazing response on Instagram too. I kept receiving messages about the cushions and where they were from, so here is a little post to let you know how I MADE the pom pom cushion for our bed!

handmade black and cream pom pom cushion

I love pom poms and wanted to create a little statement cushion for the bedroom. I played around with colours, textures and patterns in the room but didn’t want it to be too overwhelming. I deciced to spruce up a simple velvet cushion I bought from H&M and add a few pom poms. You can visit my posts to see how to create pom poms with pom pom maker  or without.

I decided to make black pom poms to compliment our bedroom colour scheme and found a cushion online, that had a black trim. I thought it would work perfect for our bedroom! (You can of course make your own cushions, but this is the lazy easy way of doing it) 

Once you have made all the pom poms you need, either sew (like I did) or glue them on using a hot glue gun and that’s it.

It could not be easier!!

I also slightly mended the black throw by addhing some tassels, the post will be following shortly!

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