DIY St. Valentine’s Day Craft – LOVE Sign

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EDIT: The DIY Love sign advises dampening the wood before using Gorilla Clear. This is incorrect as it’s non-porous surfaces that require dampening prior to gluing.

I love creating custom signs and hand painting the lettering so decided to create a fun LOVE sign just in time for St. Valentine’s Day. You can download the lettering here and recreate this sign.

For this project you will need:-

Wooden plaque/sheet
Gorilla Glue Clear
Gorilla Tape (I used Black Gorilla Tape)
Battery Operated Fairy Lights
Enamel Paint (for lettering I used Black and White)
Fine Paint Brush
Carbon Paper (for tracing)
Paint (for the wooden plaque)

If you are adding a frame (like I did) you will also need:

Mitre Box (optional)

Start by selecting the size of your sign and adjust the text accordingly. Make sure the wooden surface you are using is clean and smooth. Paint or stain the surface with your chosen colour, I used watered down pink paint and wiped it on to create a whitewash effect.

If you are planning on adding a frame, mark it in pencil on your wooden plaque instead of adding it on straight away. This will help you measure and centre the text and you will have a level space to work on (without having a bulky frame in your way while you paint the letters). Secure the paper in place with some tape. Using carbon paper, trace the text on wood.

Using a fine brush and enamel paint, paint the shadows first (or text that is in white colour) then paint the black text. It is easier to use black paint to correct any lines that are not straight.

Create the frame by measuring the wooden mouldings and marking them. To create nice neat joints, use a mitre box and cut the pieces to the correct size then paint them using a colour of your choice.

Once the paint on the plaque is dry, measure your lights and mark them on your board. Drill the holes, where your lights will be going.

Test the lights to make sure they fit but don’t secure them in place yet.

Glue the frame together using Gorilla Glue Clear. First, don’t forget to dampen one surface with water (I dampened the back of the frame). Edited as above. Then clamp the frame to the plaque for two hours to allow the glue to set.

I then varnished over the plaque to give it a nice shiny finish.

I used the tape to secure the lead in place, making sure the lights don’t move around. As there is a battery pack and I wanted to hide it, I attached a small piece of timber at the back of the sign and added hooks.

Put the fairy lights in the holes and secure them in place using Gorilla tape. Switch the lights on and voila!! I will be adding this beautiful sign to our gallery wall!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

20 thoughts on “DIY St. Valentine’s Day Craft – LOVE Sign

  1. I love the love sign and going to give it a go!! Was wondering what lettering program or font you used as I would like to make signs for my grand-daughters bedroom doors. Would be wonderful if you could post the full alphabet or simply post the font or link to full alphabet. If it is your own design and would rather not post I understand.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you so much Lee-Anne! Yes of course, I downloaded the font (it is called RosewoodStd-Regular), from this link Good luck! Would love to see what you create, please tag me or send me the photos once you are done!

  2. Absolutely LOVE (no pun intended) this sign, I am not sure I could make it myself but well done.. you should sell these, I would definitely want one for my house! Gorgeous

  3. This sign looks beautiful! I love it. It would probably take hours for me to build it hehe. These glues seem perfect for the job. Will check them out at the store for my next DIY. Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, such a fun and worthwhile project Evija! I’m completely in awe of your painting skills by the way as I saw you painting this on Insta stories. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational idea. x

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