Kitchen Renovation Diaries: Part 2 – Load Bearing Wall

This is part two of our kitchen renovation diaries (if you have not read how we started this major project, you can catch up with Part One here). As you know from my previous post, we caught a little snag with our (partially) load bearing wall and had to stop the work and wait for the paperwork to come through. All together, it took about 5 weeks to sort out and unfortunately caused us delay but there was nothing we could do.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - building work

Once the paperwork got approved and the inspection was carried out, we were back on track. It was now end of March (my initial finish date!). We had to be careful as it was partially load bearing wall, we had to make sure the brick wall was not disturbed. We also had to make sure we left 30 cm* on either side for the beam to sit on. Removal of the second wall was slightly trickier so it took us a lot longer than simply smashing up the masonry wall.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - laod bearing wall

Shaun marked the wall leaving 30 cm either side and cut out using a still saw.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries load bearing wall removing wall

To make sure the load bearing wall was not disturbed Shaun and I put two strongboy prop head wall supports (make sure this is done properly).

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall how to remove

We also added a couple of acrow props as we slowly chiselled and worked our way through the wall. You can never be too careful with load bearing walls.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - removing wall DIY

Once the second wall was down, you could actually see how big the space was going to be.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall
Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - acrow props

Shaun put some pad stones for the steel beam to sit on and allowed 24 hours before the steel beam was installed the following day.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - installing a steel beam
Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - installing beam

Once the steel beam was installed and was firmly in place, the supports could come out. It was then boxed off and we were ready for the ceiling to go up. We put the insulation in and tried to put the plasterboards up ourselves. At 25kg and over 2 m long it was not an easy task. After 3 boards, completely exhausted and with bad backs we decided to call it a day and ask our plasterer to do it for us.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - insulation

The electrician has been to sort the cables in the dining room. We also had our plumber come in to add the pipes and the waste for our washing machine (we will be reusing the existing pipes for the dishwasher).

It was now Easter weekend. We normally go away to see the family, but sadly not this time as there was so much to do! Our plasterer Neil (see details below) worked tirelessly over Easter weekend to make sure the plastering was done as soon as possible for us ready for the tiler to come in.

Kitchen Renovation Diaries - load bearing wall - plastering
Load Bearing Wall removal and plastered walls
Fresh plastered walls
open plan kitchen remodel
open plan kitchen concept - removing load bearing wall

It is now May and we have hit another snag – our tiler is now not available for 3 weeks! He did an amazing job on our bathroom and there is no way we are getting someone else in. You can read all about our bathroom drama here to see why we are sticking with Mark who came and saved us!. So in the meantime we decided to have a little break and visit the family in the UK.

After our little break, we are back and ready to tackle the kitchen again! We are now putting the plywood down on the floor ready for our tiler to come in. I have also started to paint the walls and the ceiling. The space looks so much better already!! I might even start organising the kitchen cabinets so that I can start prepping them and painting (eager much!?).

painting kitchen walls white

You know me, I have not one but ten projects on the go, which include hallway makeover & adding a dado rail, dining room table and chair makeover, paneling project in the dining room.. and .. and….and…….

This kitchen renovation is painstakingly slow as we are doing most of the work ourselves (and we both have a full time job!), plus we have had a few setbacks. So do bear with us!! I may need to revisit my post on how to survive a kithen renovation to remind myself! Stay tuned for Part 3!!

If you are loving the kithen renovation updates, I have a treat for you. I would lose my sanity with this kithen reno without my two friends Kimberly and Meera who are also currently doing their kithen renovations (we are #unitedindust). Head over to their blogs and see how they are getting on.

Kimberly’s Kitchen Renovation

Meera’s Kitchen & Extension Renovation

Details for our Isle of Man joiner and plasterer:

*The plans and calculations were done by our structural engineers based on the walls, roof, support etc and are specific for our built. If you are taking on a renovation project please make sure you have taken appropriate advice.

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  1. Love reading your kitchen renovations update. You are doing a great job considering you both have jobs, renovations are not easy so good on you. Wish I had the determination. Look forward to the next installment

  2. The kitchen looks so much better without the wall, can’t wait to see when it is all finished. sorry to hear you had set backs which i am sure were stressful! Keep going & thanks for sharing the other two blogs, I am off to explore now and follow!

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