Hallway REVEAL: Creating a Modern and Timeless Space

If you are following our home renovation project you will know that this hallway is getting its second makeover in the last three years.  I would like to think of it as “Hallway 2.0 version” just like an app that is getting an update to rule out any bugs, we all change our minds and add/remove things we no longer need or like. Remember my post on ‘finding your style?”

Hallway with eclectic artwork and gallery wall

When we first moved in just over three years ago, we wanted to get rid of the dated decor and make it liveable as soon as possible, so we decorated quickly without really thinking about colour schemes and what we actually liked. We went with ‘safe options’ when it came to the carpets and wall colours.

Fast forward three years and I am changing just about everything in the house! I also wish we went with the carpet runner with a pattern instead of the beige carpet on the stairs, but that’s another story!

Design magazines and Instagram have both massively influenced how I view designs, my personal style and our own home. Our taste has changed throughout the years and I am getting more and more daring when it comes to decorating our home and finding our style by using more colour and pattern.  I did not realise how much I love dark colours and period features such as panelling, bay windows and dado rails! I can’t change our chalet style bungalow (the official description of the house!) into a period home, raise the ceilings or make the windows bigger, BUT I can add a bit of character to it..

I have come to realise that I am getting drawn to dark colours and slightly eclectic style (still playing on the cautious side though!). 

I used to ‘play it safe’ as most of us do I think, as decorating isn’t cheap and you always think that you will get tired on bright colours and bold interiors.  Also, this is our first proper home as beforehand we rented and sadly were never allowed to change the decor too much, so we lived with magnolia walls and cream curtains for a very long time.

I now try to be a bit braver and mix the dark with the light. I think it is all about balance, so the hallway is just that – a balance between dark and light.

Our has doesn’t really have ‘character’ so adding a dado rail and a bit of contrasting colour gave our hallway a little edge. Installing panelling and dado rails are such an easy and cheap way of doing just that.  I am finishing the post on how to add the dado rails which I will be sharing with you shortly.

As we were planning our kitchen, I knew that I really wanted the whole house to somehow tie together. Railings is such a beautiful colour I thought it would work really well in the hallway as well as in the kitchen. So I painted all doors, skirting boards, staircase and lower part of the walls in Farrow & Ball Railings.  For the woodwork I used Farrow and Ball Primer (dark tones) and Modern Eggshell.  I painted the walls using Modern Emulsion, which were primed using the dark tones undercoat.  

Front door and outside porch area will be getting a lift in the spring too.

It is amazing how by changing a couple of little things and adding the dado rail, has changed the overall look of the hallway!

The full size ornate mirror was second hand and I bought it from Facebook marketplace. I am still debating whether to paint it or leave gold! Most of my readers and followers on instagram expressed their love for the gold so I am leaving it for now..

The gallery wall is a mixture of old frames I re-used and some new artwork I have acquired over the years.

I restored this old church bible cabinet from a church in Manchester (salvaged by a fab shop – Rehab squared in the Isle of Man) by simply gluing the missing pieces, adding some salvaged brassware and then waxing to give it a new lease of life. The wood is absolutely gorgeous and as it is such a unique piece, it worked really well in this space.

I originally put up this beautiful artwork from The House of Artusa called Ray of Spring by Young and Battaglia, which I won through a competition on instagram! I love it so much I wanted to keep in in the room, where I would see it more, so moved it to our living room instead and put my artwork bargain buy from TK Maxx (£10 in the sale!!) – see above.

Sneak peek of the living room makeover

I picked up this vintage rug from a local salvage place for a bargain £20!!!

I am absolutely in love with our new hallway!! I am glad I finally picked up the courage to stop playing safe in our home.  Next room on the list is our living room (still searching for that perfect pink Turkish rug that Shaun will agree to have), which is also getting a little facelift and my craft room!! Craft room has become our dumping ground and as I am running out of storage, so I will be adding some shelving and changing the colour scheme to… yes you guessed it.. something slightly darker!! I will be sharing my plans for the craft room soon..and if you follow me on Instagram you will see behind scenes and lots of videos, photos on my stories!!

hallway makeover dark and eclectic style

Items used (contains affiliate links and gifted items – gifted items clearly marked as such with no obligation to share):-

Dado Rails gifted from the Skirting Board Shop, Ribba Frames from Ikea, Gold Chain Frame from TK Maxx, Black Chain Metal Frames from Matalan, Leonardo da Vinci Print from Uffizi Gallery, similar print , antique rug, large ornate mirror – purchased locally, Black and Gold Fisheye Mirror (similar), Farrow & Ball – Railings, Plants – selection of different faux plants – Ikea and TK Maxx, Bamboo Planter – Matalan, accessories – Stag Figurine, Black& Gold Circle Artwork- TK Maxx.

8 thoughts on “Hallway REVEAL: Creating a Modern and Timeless Space

  1. Hi, just wondering what type of paint did you use on the radiators and did you take them off to paint? I have painted my living room dark but the white radiator is spoiling it ! Thank you.

    1. Hi Seana, I didn’t remove the radiators and used modern eggshell by farrow and ball, you can also use paint specifically made for radiators or al fresco by Frenchic would also work. Slightly sand the radiator and clean before painting. To get behind the radiator I used a special brush (google long reach radiator paint brush” ) I did remove the top part to allow me to paint the inside parts .

  2. Hello
    I have just found your post and Instagram page could I please as what wall colour you used in your hallway. I’m desperately trying to find a flat pure grey to go with our railings staircase. Thank you.

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