I do not get paid for any endorsements and will be sharing only my own tools, which I have chosen to use on my projects.

Right in the beginning before I discovered my hobbies,  the only tools in our house belonged to my husband I didn’t really use any of them… Now I actually own more tools than my husband.. And for the last few years some of my birthday presents have been various tools and items and gift vouchers from DIY stores! My absolutel favourite presents were the mouse sander and my dremel!  Well some girls like handbags – some will be happy with a sander! Don’t get me wrong I still love dressing up, doing girly things but my hobby is my passion so getting these tools was way more exciting than getting a new pair of shoes!


I have two sanders, one is your ordinary sheet sander..


And the other one is my absolute favourite and most helpful tool is this mouse sander my husband got me for my birthday.  It is so easy to use, it is very lightweight and fits my hand perfectly.  I have used it on most of my projects that require sanding.  I am using this Black & Decker mouse sander and can’t recommend it enough!


When using chalk paint, you do not really need to prepare the surface, however, I tend to still sand and prime the area as some of the older furniture will last longer and also there is less risk of a bleed through.



This is a very handy tool and saves using a normal saw. So much quicker and easier to do.  I use this Bosch Jigsaw  PST 650 and find it is easy to use. Please use with caution! 

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This is a brilliant tool and again was a gift for my birthday.


And my accessory set???????????????????????????????

With the dremel you can do all sorts of things, it is suitable for cutting, sanding, engraving, polishing, etching..the opportunities are endless.  So far I have used it on a few projects but I am keen to try out different projects very soon. You can see how I used my dremel on this rocking chair when I carved the name out in wood.

My husband and I tried it on this slate.



This is my latest toy!

After watching a TV programme and mentioning to my husband how fun the woodworking looked, he actually went out and bought me a lathe! I am so lucky I know … Again..no diamonds or handbags – but a LATHE and I was over the moon, I still am!


I have only tried the lathe a couple of times, and I must say I already love it..before I post any projects I have done I would like to master it so that I can produce something lovely and also be safe when doing it. So watch this space!

And this is me first time trying the lathe –  Look how happy I look!

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Sewing Machine

I got this really by accident as I said to my husband how I always wanted a sewing machine and as we went by a shop they had a great sewing machine and it was on sale. We decided that it was a sign and we got it!

I remember when my grandma used to sew and I would always watch her with great interest.  Most of it I learned from her and also from school, but as always I just gave it a go and hoped for the best!

I am not a seamstress, but I do love using my sewing machine on my projects.  I am not brilliant at it, but I am getting better with time.

Tool Box

Don’t be fooled by the colour, this toolbox means business and comes in handy when I am running around from room to room accessing my various projects.  I am also sharing my husband’s toolbox (and sometimes my father in law’s as he has way more stuff in his garage!)


Staple Gun

I chose this staple gun after a recommendation.  I find this very easy to use and very reliable.. I have used this gone on several occasions and it is very handy tool if you upholstering anything. So quick and also secures the staples brilliantly!




I tend to use different paints depending on a project I am doing.  I have used various paints in eggshell finish, varnishes, wood stains, Annie Sloan chalk paint, Rust Oleum chalk paint, Craig & Rose etc.  I feel you have to try out various paints and companies to find your paint, which is right for the job.

Chalk pain is so easy to use as it requires almost no preparation, however, you will have to use wax after you have painted the furniture with chalk paint.  This is sometimes the hardest bit! I love using chalk paint on photo frames and some items of furniture.  I did use the chalk paint on a very intricate nest of tables and was cursing mid-way through it as it was so hard to wax, but I am happy I went through with it as the tables when finished looked amazing! So the hard work does pay off..

Paint brushes

I have used all sorts of paint brushes, cheap, expensive, natural bristles, foam brushes etc.  Again, as with paints I believe you will find a good paint brush as you are using it.. I have this one particular brush which is so old but I find it is the best one out of the lot.  Sometimes I do use a foam roller, if I am doing a flat large surface to ensure there are hardly any brush strokes and the finish is nice and smooth.

Glue gun

This is just a simple glue gun I got for a fiver but it works a treat.. I always forget to turn it off though so have wasted so much of the glue sticks… Thankfully I always have a cover underneath.. EEK!



I use Performance Power Cordless drill, it is simple to use and is powerful enough for me. This is technically my husband’s drill, so I may have to put a drill on my birthday present list for next year!



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