I do not get paid for any endorsements and will be sharing only my own tools, which I have chosen to use on my projects and paid for myself. This post contains affiliate links.

Right in the beginning before I discovered my love for DIY  the only tools in our house belonged to my husband I didn’t really use any of them… Now I actually own more tools than Shaun..


I used to have a Black & Decker Mouse sander, which I used quite often, but since upgrading to the Makita Orbital Sander, I have not used it as much. We also have a belt sander, which was our first ever sander and cost around £20.00 from B&Q.


This is probably my most used tool in the house, as you know I love a gallery wall. We currently have a set of Ryobi Drills, which we both love.


This is a very handy tool and saves using a normal saw. So much quicker and easier to do.  I use this Bosch Jigsaw  PST 650 and find it is easy to use. Please use with caution! 


Circular Saw

During our home renovation projects, the Von Hous circular saw came in very handy!

Table Saw

I really got into woodwork and decided to invest in a table saw, which we got from Amazon.

Scroll Saw

I got this Scheppach scroll saw free of charge (as part of my collaboration with FFX*)

Nail Gun

This VonHaus Cordless nail gun is the perfect tool as it works with nails and staples. I used it on many of my projects and it worked a treat on the privacy screen we built in the garden.


This is a brilliant tool and again was a gift for my birthday.


The accessory set was a gift from Shaun and you can find a similar set here.

Sewing Machine

I got my sewing machine in a local shop, but you find plenty of sewing machines online, depending on your needs. Mine is pretty basic but works for me!

I am not a seamstress, but I do love using my sewing machine on my projects.  I am not brilliant at it, but I am getting better with time.

Tool Box

Don’t be fooled by the colour, this toolbox means business and comes in handy when I am running around from room to room accessing my various projects.  I am also sharing my husband’s toolbox (and sometimes my father in law’s as he has way more stuff in his garage!)


Staple Gun

I used to have a Stanley staple gun which I loved (in the photo) , but after a few projects I decided I needed an upgrade and got an electric one instead.


Glue gun

I used to use a glue gun which I bought for a fiver from the craft shop, but since I have been using the glue gun on quite a few projects, I was happy to receive this Ryobi glee gun as part of a project and collaboration with the brand (I received it free of charge)

Line Laser

This little gadget is a fabulous tool! I have used it on various projects, when I painted the spare bedroom and also when we added the dado rail in the hallway.