Rocking Chair for a very Special Girl


This is one of my absolute favourite projects I have done so far.. Not only because it turned out great (if I say so myself), but because I made it for a close friend of mine and her special little girl.

I was looking for a rocking chair for ages but couldn’t find one as I had a specific idea in my head. By chance I found a lady who was selling one exactly as I pictured it and I snapped it up straight away!


I used Annie Sloan’s products for this project as they are are safe to use on furniture destined for baby and child use. I used a combination of  ‘Antoinette‘  and ‘Old White‘ for some accents.



As this chair was going to be used by a young mother in the nursery, I first made sure it was secure.  I enlisted the help of my husband and father-in-law who made sure it was safe and secure by drilling a few extra screws and making the frame sturdier.

We used some wood glue to ensure the handles were firmly on as well.

My little helper Pug Coco also was there to help out.


I then got on with the painting! I painted the chair in Antoinette and  I painted the spindles in Old White for some contrast.


I didn’t want to distress the chair so made sure I used watered down paint and slightly sanded in between 3-4 coats to have a smooth and thorough finish.


When I was happy with the coverage, I went on to wax the chair.

You can read in detail how to wax in my previous post


The chair looked lovely, but Iwanted to make the chair extra special so I decided to personalise it with baby’s beautiful name – Ella. I first thought I should just paint the name on the chair, and add some butterflies but then my father-in-law suggested to carve the name in wood using my dremel.


I made a stencil, basically created the name in the font I liked in Word document and printed off the size I wanted.  I also chose a design for a butterfly and again, simply printed it off.  I then placed tracing paper between the chair and the print out and traced it with my pen.  I had an outline on the chair ready to be carved.

This is what the carved name and butterflies looked like when they were finished!


To make the name stand out, I painted the carved area in Annie Sloan’s  ‘Old White’ to match the chair and waxed.


I still thought it wasn’t quite finished, so played around with some gems and carefully glued them to the chair.


Once I was happy with the result, I made a nice and comfy cushion for the chair using Clarke and Clarke fabric – Meadow


All that was left to do was to make some nice bunting and matching curtain ties for the nursery. I used Clarke and Clarke Meadow and Dotty for this project in lovely pink colour.

And here is the finished chair for the special girll!


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  1. This rocker is so beautiful! I know your friend must be so excited to receive such a special gift. I love all the extra details you added to make it extra special. I’m sitting in a rocking chair I’ve had for over 30 years as I type this message. I know it’s going to be a treasured piece. Hope you’re having a great week and as always thanks so much for linking this up to our Something to Talk About Link Party! CoCo PS: your Coco is so cute

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