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My name is Evija (you pronounce it \’eh-vee-’ah\ ) and I am a 33 year old craft enthusiast.. I live on the beautiful Isle of Man and originally come from Latvia.

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I moved to the Isle of Man after falling in love and decided to leave everything and follow my heart….




Isle of Man
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Port Erin

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I am studying, working at a law firm, enjoying the idyllic life on the beautiful Island, spending time with my husband Shaun, our baby girl Coco and whenever I can – paint, make, create, sew, drill, upcycle… You name it, I have tried it or will try it ..

Our baby girl Coco

We have just bought our first home together and are very excited to be rennovating and turning it into our dream home!  You can follow my posts here.

I am not a professional, I have not studied or taken any courses.. Everything I have tried I have learnt through watching videos, read about it or just gave it a go!  I have made mistakes and learnt from them, but I have never given up.. Not everything turns out perfect, trust me.. There are flaws and imperfections but that is the beauty of it all.. Everything I have done or made is special, one of a kind.. and made by me with love and passion.. Practice makes perfect and if you have never tried it, how do you know you cannot do it?? If I can do it, so can YOU!

I am a dreamer and I see something beautiful in everything.. I love creating and seeing how nothing can be turned into something beautiful. I do not see flaws I see a potential in everything..

Please join me on this beautiful journey !

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